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Attn: All People Attracted To Boys


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Director Ang Lee is set to cast Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain," a story of two cowboys in love. But are studios -- and audiences -- ready for a passionate big-screen kiss between men?




although clearly should be called 'bareback mountain'
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why can't there be a movie about hott lesbian love

oh wait that's why there's porn

still LOL'ing at bareback mountain
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Booty Bits

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potential for hotness: MAJOR.

fuckin A. i love seeing 2 hot guys make out.
i had the hottest dream around new years that was basically brad pitt and johnny depp acting out a really sensual implied sex scene. (implied meaning that they were still clothed, and weren't even really groping each other - very art house)
it was honestly amazing.


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that's pretty hot.

it'll be especially hot if they hide and deny their forbidden love for each other before they start bumping nasties in an all out man sex rage.


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Originally posted by quantumize
why can't there be a movie about hott lesbian love

Bound? Gia? Mulholland Drive? Aimee and Jaguar? High Art? Better than Chocolate? Fire? But I'm a Cheerleader? If These Walls Could Talk 2?

(Anyway, I fully endorse this bareback movie.)
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so this is based on the Proulx story?

this movie, I guaranfuckintee, will be outstanding...when Ang Lee took the underappreciated "Woe To Lie On" and make it into "Ride with the Devil" the results were spectacular


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I don't think it was smart that they called it Bareback Mountain, it would do better if they gave it a more subtle name.


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If they were going to do cowboys, they should have got more american lookin types.

Besides, those two should obviously be surfers in california.

wait, the title isnt bareback mountain?
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