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Attack of the Show

DJ Doublecross

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Didn't know what to think of this show when I first noticed it, but it's starting to grow on me. It's almost like reading Tribe but on TV!

Anyone else watch it? It's on "G4 TechTV". (Channel 90 on Rogers, not sure about Bell)
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It's a good show but sometimes I think they try to out-geek Leo Laporte and those sketches/stories just fall flat on their faces.

Olivia is haht though.




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When Olivia is not there though... it's hard because the other girls are awful... except Layla Kaylee (who is the announcer for America's next top dance crew.)
I'd rather watch Chris Hardwick as co-anchor when Olivia is away.
Oh and Olivia hates the sex advice girl... she is so bitchy to her... but she pretends not to be... my opinion...
it is also our guilt pleasure at our house at 7. Although recently the gags have been brutal not funny...


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AOTS rocks!
i've been watching, and on the mailing list for years now, also used to watch 'screensavers' that aired before AOTS, does anyone remember that show, with Leo LaPorte?? I actually won a photoshop contest on that show. I think AOTS is a newer version of screensavers. it's like surfing the net, but not!