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atp - fringe theory 02 - melodic techno


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I have been inspired lately.

The mix starts off in the minimal and melodic domain, with a subdued tempo so that the bass lines (which were chosen for their depth) are drawn out and help create atmosphere. It moves up slightly in BPMs mid-mix and pushes into deeper and more rhythm-heavy melodies that are borderline progressive.

The theme in this mix is definitely "melody", but as usual, I'm trying to explore certain sounds that live out on the fringe of popular techno or EDM. The tracks themselves aren't necessarily obscure, but you won't often find them together like this (or at least, that is my intent).

Album Art


atp - fringe theory 02 (encoded with LAME, VBR --alt-preset extreme)

I think that some of you into trance, progressive and deep house will appreciate parts of this mix, in addition to those who aren't too picky about their techno ;) ... I am grateful for any feedback you might have. :)

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grabbing this. thanks for posting

Haven't heard Analogue Bubble bath for quite a few years now.
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ha! i just did it with these tunes in the background. i thank you sir for enhancing my already overall well rounded performance. hehe...


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Thanks everyone. Comments and criticism are always welcome. As for Underworld, I have a hard time not including them in my mixes, given their influence on my early years of EDM listening. :)
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