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atomic hooligan - you are here

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atomic hooligan

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there acctualy is 2 version. Well, 3 if you count the vinyl version

Original version
You are Here (CD version ) / Botchit and Scarper / BOSCDLP23 / 2005
1. Seven 10 Split
2. Head
3. Shine a light
4. Who stole monkeys clothes
5. The Birch
6. Wait til you're sleeping
7. Spitball
8. Pump friction
9. Dreaming
10.Steal the sun
11.Twelve hundred miles
12.Superstar Junkie
13.Just one more
14.You are here

Vinyl E.P. Version / Botchit & Scarper / bos2ep 023 / 2005
A The Girl Is Filth
B Dreaming
C Spitball
D1 Who Stole Monkey's Clothes?
D2 Pump Friction

Japanese version / Side Out Records / vso0024
1 Seven 10 Split
2 Head
3 Shine A Light
4 Who Stole Monkey's Clothes
5 The Birch
6 Wait 'til You're Sleeping
7 Spitball
8 Pump Friction
9 Dreaming
10 Steal The Sun
11 Twelve Hundred Miles
12 Superstar Junkies
13 Just One More
14 You Are Here
Aditional tracks
15. Sevn 10 Split (Remix Radio Edit)
16. The Girl is Filth

Does that clear things up, or is there another one i dont know about?

I heard of a russian bootleg that was knocking about as well. But i have never sen it

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no...online as in before it was available here.
i came across a version which has defenite different versions of a couple songs, than the newly sold version here.
and yes, i own a copy as well.
whats it to you ?


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I'm just against stealing music.

but if you already own it, then you're doing your part to support the artists, so that's good!