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Atomic Hooligan and Dmonic's bday @ Charlies Jan 10

dj Red Turtle

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Who's all well rested from the holidays? And who's not? Either way you should mosey your ass over to Charlies for some celebrations and for the chance to see the return of UK's own Atomic Hooligan. I'm pumped!!
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hehe...I still remember Dan's bday a few years ago at Milestones... how many Bellinis did we drink that night? ;) and then he snuck out of Limelight before we could get any more booze into his system!

Wouldnt miss it for anything, Happy Birthday Dan :)

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YAY! I thought I had to miss this but I dont!

One of the biggest name in breaks this year who's so hard core he has a tattoo of a tone-arm on his arm, returns to us...


I remember what happend at the last birthday party at Focus @ Charlies...no...thats a lie....but I saw pictures...looked like good times!

cant wait :D

dj Red Turtle

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Originally posted by mitro
Atomic Hooligan is coming back? I'm there! His set at Bahaus in the summer was awesome. Where is Charlies?

In the Guvernment complex. Between the Orange room and Guvernment.
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I am super excited for this!!

It's my Auntie's 60th Bday as well, so I hope I am able to leave her party in time to make it out for this. *crossing fingers*

I'm all hyped, so I better be able to go!:)



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Seeing that we know Dan dosen't really enjoy Tequilla, we'll go with...


Looking forward to tonight!
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