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Atmospheric d'nb


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Anyone else here heavily into the whole Bukem-esque sound?

I love it...been exploring it a lot in the past year even though i've been diggin it for 5-6 years.

So many talented artists too: Blame is the man!!! easily one of the most gifted producers out there.

then there's Tayla, Seba, Future Engineers, Funky Technicians, PFM, Nookie, and Artemis.

A lot of people dismiss it as 'wishy washy' and undanceable...fuck that...it's beautiful music.


Nebu kad

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I like it as well. Although i that the whole GLR/LGR/CR camp puts out alot of stuff very similar in sound, so you have to be choosey if you are buying the vinyl.

I could spin a whole set of it, except I wouldn't do it with a bunch of GLR tracks that all have the same computer-ish drum samples. For starters I would include a bunch of tearing atmo w/amens.

Paradox has made some killer killer atmo before.

evil homer

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Like the atmo sound but its just as shit filled as any other DnB style. Obviously you gotta pick your tunes, I thought that was the whole point of djing.

Anyways, GLR/LGR certainly don't hold the only keys to the atmo sound but they got a LOT of producers that do it proper. I think pfm, seba, blame, nookie, and makoto been making some great tunes lately.

I'm pretty impressed by Primary Motive (usually on Creative Source) and Green Man (usually on Basswerk) and ASC as well as the cadence and 720 labels. I find out of any DnB style, atmo definitely rewards crate digging consistently.

I've played some great epic sets combining all sorts of typical atmo DnB from the above labels with cert. 18, commercial suicide, reinforced, santorin, skunkrock....ethereal but harder hitting stuff. Also moves nicely into the more melodic and mellow sounds of Beta II, Total Science and the other revivalists who have wicked drum programming.

s'all about the pure spaciness of it. And any set (longer than an hour) that only sticks to one style of music is just boring.....
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Nebu kad

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not i.

what's with GLR? They seem to be fairly prolific, but they lable so much of their stuff as lmtd ed. But is it really that limited when they are always releasing limited stuff?

Anyone have Alaska and Paradox "Journey inwards"something or rather that they want to sell me?????

feisty boy

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atmospheric d&b is what truly got me into electronic music. and it remains my favourite music out there. hearing LTJ or blame live is a whole other experience, too - the same gorgeous tunes, but stepped up a notch, mixed with slightly harder sounds. a good example being LTJ's live p.s. from boston - the whole first half of the set is just a brilliant buildup to the track that gets rewound.
i wish more people realized that these tunes aren't just for chilling at home - and they sound so much better on a club system :D

ah well, i've gotten used to only getting my fix once a year.

evil homer

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my big problem with GLR is that they release 3-packs which could easily have been singles, EP's which should have been LP's.

Forget to mention Pleasure and his Illusion label. I think utopia is the best atmo tune in recent memory (even though its almost a year old now) chiefly because he makes one (beautiful) song from what GLR would've released on 3 records.


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Originally posted by Nebu kad
Paradox has made some killer killer atmo before.

did you see paradox when he came to t.o. last year? one of the top 3 sets of the entire year!

gamma ray productions just threw a really great atmospheric night with sniper spinning oldskool atmo last friday. it was really fun.

terrawrist III

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I just picked up the Calibre album and it is borderline atmospheric...well it's got some vocals and ...ummm,there's a question,what is exactly considered atmospheric??

is it the environmental feel,the lush vocals,the constant melodic use of the amen break!

someone break it down for me in the simplist terms
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evil homer

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For me, as broadly as possible, it is DnB of a mellower nature, a more melodic composition (which can be manifested as funky, jazzy, spacy, ethereal, dubby, classicaly informed or any combination of these and more) the breakdowns tend to be long and 'ambient'. There is a general lushness and fullness of sounds (in the good tracks at least) that is very different from the fullness of a Stacka+Skynet or Total Science track. Nonetheless I think this is arrived at in a similar way: many elements (of varying degrees of simplicity) combine to make a BIG sound which sounds fantastic on large speakers.

Although this seems to be pretty argument provoking, it used to be referred to as 'inteligent' DnB and I figure this comes from its drum programming which tends to repeat on a much longer loop and feature a wider variety of drum tones than typical DnB.

Obviously there are plenty of things which do fit this description which are not necessarily atmo DnB (J Majik 'Love is Not a Game', Klute 'Galaxian', Paradox 'Leave our planet') but i think that if it is mellow, musical, clean and full sounding with some complex drums (often neat amen cut-ups...tgm 'yellow dawn') then at least some other ppl will agree with you that its atmo.


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evil homer: "yellow dawn" by the green man is definitely timeless. one of my favourite atmospheric tracks of all time. did you come to the intimate productions' party when the green man played?

atmospheric: the question of what atmospheric music is can be confusing. anyone who listened to ambient music or had the opportunity to chill out in the ambient tents/rooms at any given event in 1994 knows what atmospheric music is. and atmospheric drum&bass borrows most of its driving force, atmospheric elements, from this genre. going back further I'd assume ambient music was born when the first sampling technology allowed us to sample and play back natural sounds at a random or controlled rate of interval so that we could make "music" from it - I'd assume the first thing people sampled were natural atmospheric sounds and noises ie waves, birds, wind, etc.

unfortuneately, a lot of atmospheric purists think atmospheric drum&bass is a completely original form of music that was created in a vaccum by LTJ Bukem in the early 90's.

while he definitely has conquered and "owns" the atmospheric drum&bass genre, he did not "invent it." many producers (both dnb and non-dnb) from 1992-1995 (and even well before) were using both dark and light atmospheric elements married to hardcore breakbeats ie sons of a loop de loop era's "let your mind be free," satin storm's "I think I'm going out of my head," jungle pirate's "drug me," most of omni trio's tracks, many of acen's tracks, rythm for reasons' track "music in search of light," flynn and flora's "dream of you," lemon d's "deep space 'i see sunshine' original drum+space mix," rogue unit's "dance of the sarooes," AND EVEN orbital's "are we here" all incorporated atmospheric elements in drum&bass music.

it definitely seemed at the time that most music we heard contained some kind of atmospheric synth/keyboard/sampling, which is probably why oldschool djs like sniper have tonnes of this kind of music stored up: not because they were atmospheric heads or they only played atmospheric music (the kind of tunnel vision which is mostly the case today). they just played everything and everything that was good, and that evoked a physical and emotional reaction from the crowd. today, a guy versatile enough to flip back and forth between so many styles or preferences would be called a bandwagon jumper or a fence sitter. that's just fucking nonsense, but I guess you'd have had to be around to know that, considering nowadays, you are defined by one sound and one sound alone unless you want to be ridiculed by the narrow minded mentality that is now so dominant in the scene.

anyway. again, many tracks from the 92-93 era contained atmsopheric elements all the way through, OR had atmospheric intros, outros, or breaks halfway through or scattered throughout the track ie flat 47's "hideaway," skanna's "nightstalker" and "heaven," the undergraduate's "into da future," naz aka naz's "organized crime," andy c's "something new pt 2." (halfway through the track just before the drop), killerhertz' "distant dream," noise factory's "we can," remodon's "wonderful," on remand's "controllin'," aka's "farside."

green buddha's "the chamber" from 1993 is a great example of a what I consider to be the kind of (dark) atmospheric track that got many people from the oldschool into jungle music. something about the balance of uncontrollable frenzied drums layered under by the antithesis pulsing atmospheric synths and samples definitely got me into it. since that time, I have gone through many phases in my choice of jungle music (considering we all change and the music changes so often with us), but I've always ended up right back where I started: appreciating the deeper and more intelligent sounds of drum&bass.


evil homer

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you put that much better than I did

I didn't catch tgm when he was here....pretty big piss-off as he's one of my absolute favourtie producers, but I was in Italy then....did catch Goldie, Marcus Intalex, Future Cut and Loxy on my way home

anyone, back to the topic at hand

The other beauty of modern atmo DnB is that it mixes very very well with classic DnB tunes and the minimalism of it works wonderfuly on multi-turntable action

Any kingston headz come by the common ground where i spin such DnB (plus other mellow styles of DnB and dub and hip hop.....) every other sunday (17, 31...)

(anyone in the Kingston area come check out Evil Homer vs Graham Campbell sets to see what 4 turntables can do...if you don't where then email me djevilhomer@hotmail.com)