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atmospheric breakbeats?

evil homer

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Is there any breaks speed equivalent of the floaty, musical, and intricately percussived music which good looking records and their ilk have provided to the drum and bass scene?

I'm thinking something along the vibe of older sets by mixmaster morris, czech, mark farina (a la mushroom jazz) but none of that really does justice to what i'm after as the beats tend to be pretty repetitive.

I've noticed the odd tune here and there from labels like schema, esl, g-stoned, or cookin' but whenever i seem to chance on a producer or label that fits this sound, it ends up being atypical of their style.

So can anyone think of anything relevant, does such a style of music even exist (yet). It would be much appreciated.
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Man, coincidence is pretty amazing sometimes. :)

I was just sitting in my chair listening to 4 Hero's "Creating Patterns" and thinking "I wonder what else is out there that fits this sound..."

You should definitely check this album out, it's just what you're describing. Also, Bugz In The Attic did a Fabriclive (#12) recently that's similar. It's more upbeat than the 4 Hero, but has the same 'jazzy' quality to the beats (ie laidback and interesting, not the same repetetive breaks over and over).

Anybody got any other suggestions for this sort of 'broken beat' music?

evil homer

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it was actually seeing dego a few summers ago that first got my head racing in this direction. I should check out that bugz in the attic tune - their zombie rmx was rather funky


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clarification: that bugz in the attic is a full mix CD for the 'Fabriclive' series. quite good.
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ils - Soul Trader album

Not sure if this is entirely what you mean. But it's pretty chill, definatly not really dancefloor friendly. More along the lines of tripped out rich sounding spaceyish breaks.

There was a thread about this a long time ago. Most ppl agreed this is a great album.

Peace Ira


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Check out Phuturistix, Maddslinky, Injekta, Landslide, etc. if you're liking what you hear with Bugz and broken beat in general.

It's very funny you're thinking about this...cause Marcus and I were discussing this very genre tonight...both of us saying that if we had more cash, we'd get this stuff too!! :D

Check out Andrew Allsgood for a broken beat DJ in TO.

pure niceness.

feisty boy

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Pako and Frederik - Atlantic Breakers (i think)

just got it a few days ago, i think it's pretty much what you're looking for (emphasis on the ambient, although it does slip into prog now and then).

i love the breaks beats and tempo, but i absolutely HATE the cheesy funk, 80's throwbacks, etc etc that seem to fill the genre. i was obsessed with the classic GLR days, and with mixmaster morris in all his incarnations, along with the old ninja tune g-stoned downtempo field, so i'd like to see what develops in this thread.

i seem to remember the 'bugz in the attic' mix being a lot more funky and jazzy than laidback and trippy...

i'll see if i can find any other ones that fit the bill in my archives.
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docta seuss

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docta seuss - homepsun corrective

(shameless plug :D )

tribe review:

This mix started out on a slow, minimal tip and shrewdly built its way up into something else entirely. Progressive, airy break-beats shatter like glass over the straight-ahead 4-on-the-floor business about a quarter of the way into the mix, a transition that was as refreshing as it was unexpected. Seuss goes out on a bit of a limb with some quirky, synth-driven breaks tracks, the kind that you certainly don’t hear every week-end. At around the 49-minute mark I thought I had slipped into a sort of old-school timewarp with an Orbital-style break-beat anthem that simply has to be heard to be believed.

Contact: rsquinn@ovc.uoguelph.ca
(Brandon Sweet)

i know, i know, the 'four-on-the-floor' remark has you worried, but it's not so bad as it sounds.. and those 'quirky, synth driven' tracks are what i would call atmospheric.. i think quirky was perhaps a poor description..

hybrid, old beber, ILS, freefall, a few disuye tracks, and a few fat! tracks as well methinks, among others.

i'd be happy to send a copy.. or perhaps i'll put it up for dl..

evil homer

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Originally posted by The Electrician
Its all about 4 Hero...

i'd wager that a more than significant amount of it is also about moonstarr

thanks for what has come up so far. A lot of it does seem to be more on the funkier broken beat tip which is fine fine music, but not really what i'm after here.

It seems though that it is mostly those producers who occasionally dabble in the more atmo-oriented sound and all this chatting can't replace years of crate digging.
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