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ATM *what a crazy night*

peanut butter

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I just got in the door from a cab ride with that cabbie who knows all this shit about all the locals DJ's...he's fucking hilarious. Gave him my copy of RobbG steriod hiphop too.

Reasons why this night was messed up!

Drinking in the car on the way down.
Drinking in the car in the parking lot.
Breaking bottles and screaming like a hick in the parking lot.
Drinking like a madman at the bar after getting everything on my body searched by bouncers.
Watching some crazy friends' drama go on.
Getting told that the Numb booth had the "Bobby Thrust Experience" CD for sale.
Meeting CRI and MALGLO under weird circumstances (I'd love to talk shit with you two when I'm not so drunk and under stress).
Meeting Sodapop for the first time since highschool.
Saw the whole Hsmmertown cru too, cool.

Other than that this was the 1st "rave" i've been to in a long time.


p.s. The girl dressed as a "fairy" who I thought and asked if she was a "mosquito" was kinda cute too


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good night.. got there late
Ms.Fit,SUNKIST - If I were single - damn!
Kid Epic rocked it!!

ATM.. always fun

yes.. that is my review.. sad as it is!


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Fun times were had...not as sketchy as I had expected..amazing dancing in the basement, nice to see people I haven't seen in a while....

sleep now....post later.


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ahhhhh ATM...how i love your parties. best sets of the nite, by far: John "Brisk" Smith, so good!!!! Jason Marshall, although its not like i ever don't love his sets. but i've concluded that it is impossible to NOT dance to that guys sets, unreal. and Kid Epic!!! HELLOOOOOO!!!!! First time i have seen you spin, and i was very impressed. great track selection, and your set scratched that epic itch i've been having for a while. well done. Awesome to see good friends again, (despite our drama, eh Melis?)and the biggest hugs and thank yous to Shannon, Marcia and Than (did i spell it right?) for giving me a ride home. i REEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLY appreciate it. thanks a lot guys, and well done ATM.

Bobby Thrust

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Yes Peanut Butter, drama amongst friends indeed!

This is my second ravy davy of the year and it was a much better experience. Got there at about midnight and the promoter was there to great us at the door. Very nice way to start the party. I have to admit, I am a very critical person of promoters because I know how it is supposed to be and very often you meet some pretty shifty people. There was nobody from ATM that I met that was shifty. On the contrary, anyone I met involved with the party was of the nice sort!

The party had one major hitch. The lifeblood of the venue (alcohol) was forced into a 2 foot by 4 foot space for 5000 people who wanted to drink. I might be exaggerating a little, but spilling beer is alcohol abuse and that was all too common last night.

Musically, the downstairs had it going on with boys like Wicked Willar X, Diamond Dave Sadder and Rednosed Robb G (alongside DJ P) whilst I was there. Nice to see the breaks room filled with atmosphere. The dj booth was pretty funny. The basement dj booth was at one point either a practise room for McDonalds Drive-Thru employess or a money mart cash desk. I recall joking early in the night it was to protect the dj from rowdy people throwing beers. Apparently, my logic was flawed.

Upstairs, the man I came to see was DJ Indica. After waiting for him at Pearson for 4 hours on Friday (the airport does not seem to think people waiting in the Arrivals section really need to know when planes have been turned back due to weather - I found out he got turned back when he called me from Montreal) I was very excited to my favourite Francophone Acid Techno Rock Star.

The only thing that disspointed me about his set is that it ended. Raw 9 (oh yeah, get fresh for the weekend) is one of the top tracks of this year (produced by Guy The Geezer McAffer) and it is so rare I get to hear the music I love outside of my own home (unless I am in any other city in the world, then it easy).

Nice to meet Johnny Funk after having seen him at a million events in the last year. Makes sense.
Kerri, hope you like the cd (which is available at Eastern Bloc - just ask for The Bobby Thrust Experience on The First Harvest....did you get that peanut butter?)

Nice night only slightly marred by violence!

Good one lads. Oh, and John Smith...excellent mcing en francais pour Luc!

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...for crowd that was not super large...man, there were some characters roaming around that place last night...sheesh....never been to the Palais before...reminded me of a cross between the Concert Hall and the Latvian Hall....lots of dark little nooks where god knows what was going on....it was fun...sort of sketched but in a good way(?)...breaks room was kicking large...another good party for ATM....keep it up.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by peanut butter:

Meeting CRI and MALGLO under weird circumstances (I'd love to talk shit with you two when I'm not so drunk and under stress).

You were drunk? I couldn't tell

I wasn't there for that long but from what I could see everyone was having an awesome time as it always is with ATM parties

OH! And the basement looked much better than the last time I saw it


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As Pat said, a night of ups and dwons were had. WOW!! Was that the sketchiest basement I had ever seen. But i got used to it and dance my ass off! It was nice meeting u ms.fit!

Security were asses, then I had one bouncer who wouldnt stop following me and hitting on me!! sheesh- weirdo's!

Anyways, a very long night indeed- eh willar?? Had lotz of fun! After party central was the shit! Until now'.....



TRIBE Promoter
Originally posted by breakz_btch:

Security were asses, then I had one bouncer who wouldnt stop following me and hitting on me!! sheesh- weirdo's!

That fat security guard was in love with his stairs at the doors to get in.. " KEEP THE RITE SIDE OF THE STEPS CLEAR PLEASE !!"

plus they let in only two at a time...
it was too crowded at the beginning.. the dark rooms were kinda sketchy....
the music was good though.. but i had to leave at like 4 or sumthin cuz i couldn't stand bein in there for another minute...

sorry to people i didn't say bye too...
sorry jess.. i had to leave.. i was gonna go insane.....


Willar X

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What drama u guys on about?

Anyways, got there at 10:30 or so.
It was freezing and there was a nice line outside. Parked in the public parking and froze my nuts off on the walk to the venue.

Got into a little incident with the security cuz they wouldn't let me bring in my lip balm. Fucking weirdos.
Anyways got downstairs, and realised I was playing behind prison bars. And get rid of those Allen Heath mixers, we're not spinning trance here
Finished my set, the place was pretty packed by then, Dave Saddler played a wicked set and as did Robb G and DJP, what I managed to hear of it anyways before I left cuz there were so many eleven-teen year olds.
I did dare venture a couple times upstairs to the HaRdCoRe rOoM. never did stay for longer then my ears could handle.
Hope everything went well tho for Chris and Rob.It seemed pretty busy

hello to everyone I saw, the old and newer faces.

Then there was an after party ............
details another place and another time.

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Willar X

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oh honourable mention goes out to all the

You see something new everyday!


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well i was a little disappointed with the venue, palias royale is so gross. I would really like to see a new venue being used in the near future i am so sick of going to these events and coming home feeling disgusted with myself for spending 6 or more hours in such a dirty establishment.
Paul brisk smith played a wicked set of uk hard house, some sweet tracks were dropped. however this was the only highlight of the evening. The drinks were extremely over priced, and the crowd bordered on the gross end of the rave scene spectrum.
i thought indica played nu nrg however his predominantly acid techno set proved me to be wrong.

over all i would have to say a waste of time and effort i could of had an equally enjoyable time listening to my cpu as opposed to attending this event.


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Just to address some of the notions brought up by some of the attendees at Reunion 2001.

From the get go, the owner of Palais Royale made it very clear that things would run his way or the highway and kept reminding us that he had the power to shut the party down. And his way was enforced by the security you are forced to use with that venue who are nothing but a bunch of power tripping egomaniacs. Possibly for their own amusement and partly to punish us for questioning their authority, it was their decision to let people in as slowly as possible. We had to fight with security guards in order to get people’s chapstick back – but being under constant threat of being shut down it was impossible to negotiate with any of the staff. They had our money and they could do whatever they like since they know they have a virtual monopoly on two room venues. We did not enforce any mandatory bag/coat check – this was the decision of the venue owner. We only requested that a coat check be there for people who wanted to check their coats. All proceeds from the coat check went directly to the owner of Palais Royale. We have been throwing events for two solid years – why the hell would we want you to check your bags?
We throw parties for you to enjoy yourselves and to hear a wide array of electronic music – not to force you to pay for something that you don’t want.
We spent a lot of time on the decorations in the basement and we were guaranteed by our sound company there was going to be ample light in the basement – as many of the complaints suggest it was too dark down there. You hire a sound and light company because they are supposed to be experts in their field. This is the first time we’ve ever used ACS (who you are forced to use when you rent the Palais Royale) and we paid to have adequate lighting on both floors. Why this didn’t happen is something we need to take up with ACS but it was never intended to be dark down there as we spent the entire afternoon putting up decoration. (Aside, there are no hard feelings against ACS as they conducted themselves in a professional manner and addressed most of our concerns that night).
Regarding the water, it was never brought to our attention that they stopped selling water. In case you don’t realize, all liquid sales at events are controlled by the venue operator – they set the prices and they keep all the money. We always provide several hundred dollars in free fruit at all of our events to help take the pinch off of you when you’re looking for a nourishing refreshment.
This isn’t something that we advertise it’s something we just do because that’s the way we think people like to be treated. If you are a promoter and you are reading this, we know it’s difficult and if you’re forced to use Palais Royale, we hope that you are treated much better and that those who attend your party also receive much better treatment.

And finally – this goes out to everyone who challenges the very fabric of our organization. For two years we have tried to educate and express what we feel represents the glue that holds the scene together – music. Since inception, we’ve been quite proud of each and every one of our lineups as we felt they represented a healthy cross-section of the different genres of electronic music. Maybe it was our mistaken belief that the past could be relived today with all rave music being featured under one roof – or maybe we were fooling ourselves into thinking that we really did consider it to be truly good rave music. We’ve always tried to bring in not only the best talent, but also some of the freshest talent that Toronto has scene. For those who like their music funky, we’ve been avid supporters of Czech, Deedot, J-Red, Disco D, and DJ Venom. If you like your music harder, we’ve entertained S4, Kage, Paul Brisk Smith, Rion, Kultcha, Hardware, DJ Kristian and one of the most kick-ass hard nrg trance acts the city has seen, Lab 4. For people who are into UK hardcore, we had Toronto’s first appearances of DJ Breeze, Paulina Taylor, DJ Kaos, DJ’s Stompy and D’Skys, Storm and Herman, as well as the first ever live vocal set by Dougal and Jenna. In to drum and bass? We’ve had the Girls on Tour (Wildchild, Jo Jo Rock and MC Chick-a-boo), Ellis Dee, Mampi Swift and Tech Itch and Decoder. We’d like to thank every single one of these out of town DJs who at times cancelled other gigs in order to come play for Toronto. For people to claim that we’re not in this for the music is really frustrating. So what are we in this for? Oh yeah – About the Money. We’ve lost money on EVERY event we’ve thrown – the one party where we actually broke even we were robbed at the door. The losses have ranged from a thousand to ten plus thousand. There is a great post on the hullabaloo message board about the economics of the rave scene for those of you who are interested on what a party costs and where your money goes. We haven’t made a single penny because we truly believed in what we were doing and thought that others believed in us as well and that’s what kept us going. We donated $5000 to the TDSC warchest when the rave scene needed money most, and one of our members plays a pivotal role in the organization of iDance – a free event for all of you. So to any of you who say we’ve been in this for the money, try throwing some events at a sustained loss for two years with unsatisfied customers bitching about things beyond your control.
We know we have the full support of nearly all the DJs who play for us (we’ve always prided ourselves on paying our DJs 100% of the time for without them there would be no outlet for the music) and a number of ravers who have also continued to support us. We also have the support of virtually all venue owners, security services, sound and lighting companies and paramedics we have hired over the past two years. We tip our hats to all the promoters out there who will continue to keep the scene going.
We still believe in the music. We’ve set up a studio in order that local DJs who we know are full of ideas have an outlet to produce music. Toronto is an amazing city filled with lots of talent and now there is an opportunity to let their imagination become reality. We already have a number of world class producers, and there is no reason that this list shouldn’t continue to grow. If you are as committed to music as we are, and are interested in being part of its creation we can be reached at info@atmrecordings.com.

Thanks go out to every DJ and MC who has helped be a part of some people’s fond memories, and thanks to every volunteer, employee, friend and family member who have supported us through the ups and downs. And of course thanks to each and every raver who has shared our belief and supported our events. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be About The Music.

Astroboy out…


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Very nicely put Rob...
And it's true, Rob & Chris have been taking losses at every event... yet they continue to throw great events and bring in new talent to the Tdot.



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I'm just sorry I couldn't make it out to this one, but I'll always be 100% behind what Robb and Chris do... No asskissing, just a lot of oldfashioned RIZPECT!
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respect to rob. that's a well written statement. i look forward to the next time you throw a party.

peanut butter

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well stated Robb, I still had a good time and saw lots and lots of smiling faces in the basement (even if it was dark

And isn't it all About The sMiling faces
: )




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I think A.T.M was a sham .......what's up with the no bag's and no sweaters no gum?? crap like if my bag and sweater was checked on the way in by security so why is it not ok to bring it in???????
+ forced to check my bag and sweater was also a sham $4.00 .....paying for water is already the biggest sham so why try and screw us further .......So this is my word of advice to all promoter's........if you are not going to let people in with gum or lip gloss or if you are going to not let in bag's or sweaters let us know so we don't have to waste are hard earned money on it ...is this to much to ask ....we do pay for the ticket to get in which fund the event so PUT IT ON THE FLYER ........
The night was awesome as far as DJs' was concerned I had ablast and it was not overpacked and good vibes were in the air.
The ventilation was the pit's (no fans were put on at all ??????? like they are mounted on the walls people is it that hard to turn them on, I thought a safe environment was key but someone wants to save money on electricity so from all of us that could not breath (thank the owner of palais for that one)
+ what doe's it take to renovate these day's b/c the palais is looking pritty bad these days, I think it would be a great venue if it was cleaned up a bit but like I said maybe the palais should be boycotted for the lack of safety and the disrespect the promoters and the raver's get from the owner and there hired half ass security........just a thought for you all to think about peace PLUR to all
thank you A.T.M for a great night without you we would not be anywhere so RESPECT!!!!


Ms. Fit

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drama, for real, eh lor? haha what a sleazeball!

the following things about the party sucked, (we now know it was the venue owner/security's faulty): 1. the line-up, we got there sorta early and it was still moving sooooo slowing honestly, every 5-10 minutes they let 2 more people in. 2. they took my frickin' blistex! claiming that people could hide stuff in there...oh yeah? then why don't they take our underwear too? 3. they would let us wear our hoodies upstairs, they had to be coat-checked. i was fuckin' cold for the first 2 hours of the party. just another rule designed to punish us

props to the gorgeous door girls for fighting for my right to wear my hoodie upstairs!

atm people, i understand you're loss of power at this event and i completely respect you for dealing with it and sacrificing a lot in order to put on a respectable jam. i had a great time...but wow that was the sketchiest party in terms of people i've ever been too! and so many 12 yr olds!

overall the music was awesome. i wandered around upstairs for drinks and what not but spent most of my time downstairs in breaks. funky breaks...downtempo breaks...all sorts of breaks were heard and i was in HEAVEN! i can't remember anyone's sets specifically cuz i spend all my time ogling some blonde guy but sets that do stand out include: robb g vs. j-red (book this guy more often!), willar x, dave saddler and deception, whose house was funky enough to perfectly compliment all the breaks.

upstairs brano vs...*ahem* john smith did not disappoint...they played some awesome hard house and at times it sounded like hard trance. who went on before jason marshall? kid epic? that guy was wicked...scratching to trance! yeah! jason marshall MUST HAVE been good if by the end of the nite i still found the energy to dance to him

all in all a good nite, it was nice chilling with ya sunkist and cri/malglo and running into aphro, chiclet and breakz_btch.

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Don DaDa

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Although Im more of a junglehead, I had a great time at ATM. Ive been to the past 3 parties they've thrown, and I will continue to go to em for years to come. The vibe, music, and people are the best in the city. Keep up the good work!