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ATM Reunion


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wow. what a fucking wicked night!
first- walked right in with no lineup. love that. and just in time for frisky and d-minus' set, which totally started the night off right. the docks wasn't overcrowded. lots of toom to dance and sit. security was pretty good......although i saw a fight. 2 guys were fighting and my friend chantel jumped on one of the guys back and started wailing on him. they got kicked out- not chantel. it was pretty weird......anyways, sets of the night go to frisky & d-minus, dj spree and hardware. holy shit! hardware threw down such an amazing set..........oh well.......it did seem pretty sketchy though, but thats to be understood. i saw some girl eating her face off basically, and this couple who were practically having e-sex on the dance floor. interesting people........

anyways, i don't have much to say now cuz my brain is tired. but reunion was all i expected it to be.

What a great nite! Good job ATM!! A ton of us drove up from buffalo as usual and all had a blast..

Kristian - ohmy.. straight up uk hard house, perfect set for that time of night.. so much energy.. Breeze was just as great! Hardware had good tracks, but I was disappointed with his overall set.. Brano warmed us up perfectly for S4 and kept everyone dancin at 5am..

S4 - has anyone ever been disappointed with one of his sets? i never have.. straight up hard.. if ya recorded his set, release it again like last years!!!

...the crowd seemed just right, not packed, not empty.. soooo many friends were there that it made the night even better.. wouldn't have changed a thing (except turn the laser off for a bit).. thanks for a great one rob!!
Decoder was pretty good, but where was Mystical?!!!!!!!!!!
other than Mystical not showing it was a great party, Capital J spun a really great set too. I didn't spin a set at all, but that's probably because i'm not a DJ.
Did anybody see me there? i was the guy wearing the hat.
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went to bed with a smile on my face, just got up and its still there! thank you ATM!!
we had hyped this party up BEYOND belief and our expectations were most certainly met!
i'm way too tired right now and my head is pounding...i'll write more later!
all in all a nite filled with so many good chats with good friends, so much dancing, so much fun! thank you to dannielle for always being so good to me! and to ritika, liz, my little stevie d and kevin - thanks for watching powerpuff girls wiht me at 8am!!! you guys are the best.
aight. back to bed, my real review will be up later.
p.s. my only complaint is TURN THE FUCKING STROBE LIGHTS OFF in the breaks room. holy shit. in the course of the nite - i saw three people have seizures. wtf???!! very scary. and people, when someone is having a seizure on the floor, don't just fucking stare. either fucking help the person, go get help or move the fuck away. gawking at the person does not help. and to the guy that stopped me while i was running to get help who asked me for e, man you are an idiot. some girl is convulsing on the floor in front of you, and all you can think about is getting drugs. you're fucked.
Well theres not much more I can say than what i heard people saying all throughout the night...

What awesome event!!

Ill be honest, i wasnt looking foward to going to the Docks, but i was pleasently suprised when i got in there and felt a wall of energy hit me. Everyone was dancing, laughing, just having a great old time.

I saw *so* many people i havent seen in a long time, and those who I enjoy seeing all of the time.

My favourite set had to be Rob G's...i wasnt to impressed with his partner Chu, but I suppose everybody's got their off-nights.
HArdware was great as per usual, and Decoder was off the fukkin HEWK!!! Amazing set!!

All in all, yet another SOLID ATM event, their ongoing consistency of throwing well orginized events is a tribute to the hard work they put into each and every party.

Great work guys!! And im looking foward to the next one...

This had to be one of the most itense nights that I have experienced in a lnog time. The energy in the Docks was ELECTRIC!!! The crowd really looked as if they were enjoying every minute of the party with very few sitting.
The music kicked some serious ass. It truly was About The Music.... Kristian and Hardware were crazy fukin good, and what better times are there than when you groove to some good breakbeats.
I saw so many friends and smiling faces and had the opportunity to party with some people for the first time...
it was a wikkid night and it showed us that the party vibe is still in tact....
thanks ATM...
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What a wicked party!!! Let's get down to it...
The line-up to get in wasn't that bad at all, pretty quick. Once I got in, Frisky was on the decks throwin' down some alright tracks (except for the Rockerfeller Skank remix, yuck). But what hit me was how great the sound system was! Pumpin'!! I wandered into the breaks room, and found some crazy H-Town breakers representin'! This was probably the most fun room of the night because, well...there was beer!!!
It was also the best room, because it was the socializing hotspot (hence the alcohol). Perfect for chillin' out and talking before going back to the dance floor to bust it. Only problem was it was too damn hot in there!! Oh well. It was great to see so many friends in their drunken glory!

The main room (hardcore/trance room) was an excellent space. Lots of room to move around, and wasn't hot at all. The stage set up was great, and the fireworks were a nice touch! I'm not a big fan of hardcore, but I found myself grooving a bit...briefly.

On to the drum n' bass room. This room was a great size with plenty of room to dance and move around. The sound was very poor when Spinz was on (no bass), but they fixed that problem quickly and it was sounding wicked for the rest of the night. Caught a bit of Capital J's set, and he was pretty good...got the crowd moving. At this point I was noticing something about this room. There didn't seem to be that same energetic, crazy vibe that usually exists in T.O. jungle rooms. Nobody was loud, and everybody just seemed tired and indifferent (true headz where you at?). I was really disappointed that Mystical wasn't there because I was pretty pumped up to see him.
It was alright, because soon after came the set of the night...Tech Itch and Decoder Back2Back tore the fuckin' place up!!! I came to this party for the sole purpose of seeing these two, and they didn't disappoint, they actually were better than I expected! The back2back was a nice surprise, especially because they did it so flawlessly. Great tracks were being thrown down, a nice mix of hits, and stuff you won't be hearing for months. Rough!! Needless to say, seeing these two guys had me leaving the party with a smile on my face.

Overall, this was the best party I've been to in ages. The Docks was the perfect venue, not too crowded and just the right amount of people. Nice vibe flowing throughout the party, because everyone was there to a good time.
What really made the night for me was the people. I've never known so many people at a party before, everytime I'd turn around a friend would pop up! This led to such a great sense of unity, I felt like I was at a house party.
Respect to Robb and the ATM crew for throwing this tight jam, caring about the partier, and bringing in fresh talent that we never get to see. Can't wait for the next one!
i'm so tired still so this'll be brief...

nice quick lineup. not too packed. i actually got into capital j's set for once (other than that friggin eminem track which was just GROSS). i didn't get hassled all night for drugs or by sleazy guys or anything which was SO nice. really nice nice crowd (other than the herds of ravers lying all over the bathroom floors. yuck.). people were really friendly and into shit without being all sweaty and gropey and trying to inappropriately bond with me. i wasn't blown away by decoder or tech itch's sets, but i was maybe not in the right frame of mind. the bleep bleep bang bang bleep crash bang zurp zurp wasn't doin it for me. too noisy.

i would be happy if mc's refrained from telling all the 'gangstas' to put their guns in the air, or saying 'this one's for the cocaine dealers.' that's pure stupidity. i can't remember which one said it.

one of my friends was one of the people who had a mild seizure or a blackout or something (not drug-induced btw) and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out, security was cool, the people around were wicked, and the TRIP volunteers were awesome. all y'all made what could have been a very fucked up situation into a dealable one. so thanks lots. (and thanks to aphrodite and booty bits for the little therapy session afterwards.)

atm, you did good. sweet.
i just re-read my post, and it didn't sound as enthusiastic as i actually felt about this party.

imagine a cheerleader jumping up and down while you're reading my earlier post. that should do it.

it was a great party.
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I have to agree with the majority here; wicked party! I saw so many old friends it was rediculous, heard some wicked music, and even did some boozing. What more can you ask for?

I loved Tech Itch and Decoder as well. Unlike Janie, I fully appreciated the "bleep bleep bang bang bleep crash bang zurp zurp" music.

I was a little disappointed that Marcus didn't spin UK garage, and that Mystical didn't show up, but other than that I had no complaints!

Absolutely no vibe
Too many groos people
Mc jumper needs to shut up

that's all I'm gonna say for now

actually yer supposed to stare, yer not supposed to touch them except to move all objects out of the way, right after seek medical attention.
i'm not meaning to come down on everyone who was present....
i was just freaked out by the whole scenario.

when i was talking about people standing around, i know it could to give the person space...but people could have moved back, done a little crowd control so that when the person came to they didn't open there eyes to a crowd staring at them. people could have also gone to find help, as myself and numerous others did.

again - i'm not passing judgement on anyone's reaction in the situation...it was really shocking to see the seizures and i'm sure alot of people were just freaked out and immobilized cuz of that.

hope everyone is okay!!

No surprises whatsoever.

Wow just think of it, it was a year ago that we all gathered at the Newz for the birth of a new production company. Looking back on that party, we all knew that ATM had got off to a great start. Consistent, interesting, music driven parties. ATM’s reputation has skyrocketed over the past year, with obvious good reason. I would have no problems whatsoever stating that ATM is now one of the leading promotion companies in the GTA. They are parties for the music, and about the music. It’s a place where people come together and just get funky all night to the wide variety of music genres presented. There is music for everyone, thus it makes the event appealing for everyone. That is ATM’s gem. The ability to cater to all. (just top it off with some techno next party

Last nights events were no different, we ALL came out and witnessed one of the best parties of the year. When I saw ALL, I do mean ALL. I cant think of one person who didnt actually show up and have a sick time in the process.

It was a by-the-book party. Well thought out and planned, executed with stunning precision. This IS the way a party should be put on. My hat goes off to Robb, Chris and their crew for showing Toronto how a party should be done.

My night was mostly spent in the little chamber called the ‘third room’. First drinking, then more drinking, oh wait, then some more drinking. We then rounded off the night with some sick dancers and interesting conversation. As mentioned before, the people who showed up added that little something to the overall package of what makes a great party.

The Sets:

Is there one set I didn’t like? Not really, the music was consistent, if not great.

Dave Saddler
Speaker Phreaker
Robb G

All were great sets, and when one puts together 6 or 7 great sets in one night, it always equals a standout event.

To all the people I met on my colourful adventures, you made the night that much more interesting. Of course all your names escape me at this moment.

Although ATM’s come around once in a blue moon (only 2 parties a year?) They are always parties of hype and mass hysteria, great people, great music, great promoters. It’s the packaging of them all that makes ATM nights to remember and cherish.

Lets all pray that everything went well behind the scenes as well as it did inside the party.

I left feeling satisfied and happy. With the way parties are going these days, thats saying a lot.

Fabulous work guys, I cant wait for the next one.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 8.5/10

Corey B.
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Music was Wikkid!

I hate the docks!!

Stobes in breaks room annoying!!

My stuff got jacked!!

Seizures are not cool...hope those ppl were ok!
sorry for the nastiness, but that had to of been one of the worst parties of the year.
The only GOOD thing about this nite was tech itch & decoders set, nice nice VERY NICE dahk jungle. FUCKIN amazing! (bo!)
that is the only thing that put a smile on my face the whole nite.
and dont get me wrong, im not the only bitter/jaded one that thinks this of atm last nite.
ill post a lil bit later to give you the details as to why i didnt have fun.


janiecakes---> yah man, i heard that same emcee say that... kinda scary in a way.
Originally posted by DJ Doublecross:
I was a little disappointed that Marcus didn't spin UK garage, and that Mystical didn't show up, but other than that I had no complaints!


heh! thats the reason i wanted to go, good thing i didnt
I was having the time of my life until I had to witness two unfortunate (shall we say) accidents. 1. The fight that broke out in the main room where I was previously standing not even 5 minutes before it happened. and 2. The OD or possible siezure? which occured just outside the breaks room. It was a lil hard to get back into the party mood after that.
Very dissappointed with DJ Hardware. He used the bloody flanger effect in just about every build which seemed to have no peak. Personally I believe that there should be some kind of 'reward' after a build up; I mean that's what its there for, to prepare you for what comes next. It seemed as though after every build, he would start the groove over again from scratch with a new record. blagh.

To lighten things up a lil, a funny incident happend to me in the breaks room, and I feel really bad because of it. I had just walked into the breaks room by myself to check it out. I felt a lil uncomfortable when I waled in though, and part of the reason was that ppl seemed to stand a foot or two away from me. My first reaction was to check to see if I was emmitting some kind of odour. Nope... So I'm just looking around or whatever and I turn my head and there are these two guys making out like right beside me. It kinda took me by surprise and I gasped and turned my head. (I'm sure u can understand how a such a sight would be disturbing to a straight person.) Anyway they heard me and got pissed off and left the room.. I couldn't do anything but laugh and I felt so bad for offending them.

Peace & love. D <--- apologises for laughing at those guys.
okay... i am worried that if i dont write it all down now, that i will forget it...

sooo ATM was a f*cking amazing party. thats the way an event should be run. the perfect mix of organization and vibe and music, and most of all for me...the people.
i had the chance to meet so many great people whom i was just dying to run in to.

i spent most of my night in the booty & breaks room. mostly because i love booty house, and the 19+ factor, and the smaller, tighter vibe in that room.
yes it was hot and crowded, but well worth it.

the main room was a nice, refreshing change every once in a while though. i thought that everyone played great sets...
great moments: mcbee and i shakin' our thangs to "Love Of My Life", DJ P's entire set -- it was so solid, having a candy kid moment a la stickers and bracelets with mcbee, finally talking to jane (and shannon) for more than 5 minutes!, hanging with all the TBK, having that purely 'rave' moment when you start talking to the person next to you on the dancefloor and end up having a wicked chat, and then, the perfect way to end a perfect evening: watching power puff girls with delerium88, Dam that Snarky Kid, Basic and mcbee.
ahhh couldn't have been better...

basically, i had possibly the highest expectations for this party, and i was not disappointed.

thanks ATM, you have a lifelong customer named,

Booty Bits

p.s. my only complaint is the lighting in the breaks and booty room.
but you can read about all that in the main forum.

p.p.s. can't wait to party with all you great people again.
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