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Atari CX-2600 1977 version


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My bro dropped it off during the holidays.
It has Combat.
It's really old skool.
It comes with the original box.

PM me if interested.
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Richard Raiban

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ combat!!! damn........i always hated that game even with all its levels

its definitely a collector item!!!

good luck in selling it :D


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I can buy an XBox for that price. :p

Shit, I wish I Had the original box, I have one at my Mom's place with like 20 games.

pr0nstar :D
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Hi i'm God

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Holy shit not to thread crap but I got my atrai and like 20 games for 5 bucks at a yard sale. Given it's not the best condition but 175$!!!


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Did it have the box?

$175 seems steep, but having the box makes a big difference from a collectors point of view.


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I don't know what to charge. I just made that up. The one on EBay is $500USD!

The 6 switch one which is apparently better.

Best offer takes it or it collects dust in my attic.

I sold a new XBox that I won for $150.

Playing online poker is the only game I play. :D