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at home and bored on a sunday thread

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So yeah, it's just me, my St Bernard, some DIVX movies on the puter, perhaps a walk by the lake with the dog, but that's it.

Oh yeah, and Trudeau starts tonite on CBC. That outta be fun
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my mom came to see my on good friday, and left yesterday afternoon to celebrate at least part of easter weekend together.
I have so much work to do i couldn't make the trek to toronto.
other then that, its just me, and my books.......boo to final exams
Nothing is open today anyway, so i guess i shouldn't complain.

:) brandi
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im at home, hungover, loving the smell of turkey, wanting to eat it now..............:D

we never have big family ordealz. woohoo for system tonight!

At home with a headache, but heading to the Palace (Pape and Danforth) for Easter/Mother's Birthday celebrations later on tonight.

From the Ministry of good steak.

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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