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Astral Vibes - Danny Breaks: The sound of the future?

Juan Love

TRIBE Member
Astral Vibes by Danny Breaks is a one of the coolest tunes I've heard in a while. A full-on live jazz feel, or the "liquid-funk" style of Creative Source, Hospital and more recently soul:R.

This one follows the same sorta flex as seen on that super rare Lone Catalysts remix he did...wicked blending of 50's sci-fi vibraphone and some intelligent dnb loops...hopefully just a nice taste of what his "Vibrations" LP is gonna be about.

So what do you lot think about this one?
And more importantly, will 2002 be remembered as the year the liquid funk usurped the skull fucking techstep stylings to dominate the dancefloor scene?

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evil homer

TRIBE Member
First off, I think astral vibes is a pretty cool tune although it definitely doesn't do it for me like it seems to for a lot of other people.

I don't think too many tek-step producers are turning into liquid funk producers (if thats the distinction we're gonna work with)

No doubt the more soulful sounds are gaining in popularity and have been for 2 odd years now (at least)...but dom & roland, keaton, stakka & Skynet, tech itch, trace, ray keith etc. are pummeling that sound and their records are flying off the shelves. Many producers on this side of the atlantic are working on a similar tip. Bad Co and Ram, while admiteddly funked up, are also keeping it pretty hard. Similar things could be said of Digital, Loxy & Ink, Total Science, A-sides etc although no doubt they can work both sides of the fence.

Teebee, future prophecies and even polar, although not producing 'skull fucking' tek step - are certainly not on the 'liquid funk' tip either. Add producers like klute, tgm, blame, phoneheads, etc etc who are not necessarily on the atmospheric tip though not into any other genre we have a word for either.

But I suppose thats not the question at hand. The question is are he dancefloors to be dominated by funk. I (obviously) don't know but I sure hope not. I think that rise in popularity of any musical style has a direct causal relationship to the amount of shite music produced.

I love much of the recent work of various producers on this liquid funk style: london elektricity, MIST, high contrast, calibre, danny byrd, juju, delta & format, influx datum, beta II, fellowship, etc. etc. and i'm happy that they're making a living at it. But 10000 biters producing the same loop (non-distorted big bass, female vocal, simple steppy drum, a couple of horns, smooth synth line...TA DA, send it over to fabio and hopefully the dough starts rolling in) can't be a good thing. Tunes still gotta have some 'uumph'

Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
werd. if it comes to be the more prevelent style it could be bad thing as e.h. indicated, since you could end up with a bunch of bitters.
I like that tune but it doesn't quite do it for me...at least not enough to fork the dough for the single.

djs who play it: Is it killing the floors? how are people liking it?

And what about that rare remix you are talking about there Jaun, when did this come out? I remeber a dropping science white label in playde a while ago that i am kicking myself for not picking up...i hope that wasn't it.

But I don' t think that Astral Vibes will be the sound of the future. There will always be all styles, but figuring which one will dominate is difficult and kinda pointless. I would hope that it becomes a little more dominant cause it's better than some of the crud out there now, which incidentaly is an eternal constant in music.


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I agree with everything evil homer and nebu said.
Juan, it's a cool tune...but it's not as good as your making it out to be. And it certainly won't dominate a dancefloor.


TRIBE Member
You guys are right, its not a dance floor smasher by any means... but such a kool chune to open up with!

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...at a recent party I played after D-Monic.
And the tune went over very well, as a transition from Breaks to DnB. People were laughin' and smiling during the intro.


Juan Love

TRIBE Member
Nebu kad,

That rare remix I'm talking 'bout:

Danny Breaks' retooling of a self titled tune by the Lone Catalysts. This one can be heard on the High Contrast Knowledge mix from a few months back. It was given a limited release thru Grooveattack Records in Germany and is about as easy to find as an original copy of Amen Brother by the Winstons.

Hopefully it'll get a repress treatment soon enough though.