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me and my buddy left at 3am. couldn't wait anymore for those guys to show up.

did they end up showing?
i better stock up on prozzac if they did

but if they didn't, i just wanna tell people, dont start the flame-the-promoter-cause-there's-nothing-better-to-do thing (i'm not affiliated with him btw) because they really were booked to play. it said so on their website. other than the fact they didnt show up (which was not his fault, i asume) the promoter organized a wicked event. well, it didn't end up being so great because of some technical difficulties, low turn out, etc.. but he was planning it to be really hype. as far as i see it anywayz. maybe i'm young & restless & naive.

the live p.a. with the live band was good except the guy who was supposed to mix all the 'channels' didn't know what the hell he was doing.


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I think that party toped the list of "Worst Party I ever went to".

If it wasnt for Prime.Nebula opening up the night with their amazing live set I would have just turned away at the door. They were the only thing good at this party. SERIOUS.

I personaly didnt think this was a great party simply because of a few factors:

1- The headliner never showed up
2- It was held in a rec-center in Kingston **and the promoter was telling my friends from Philly that this was a $40 grand party ASIF***
2 1/2- The tickets at the door were $40, tickets were $30 in advance
3- That annoying DJ who spun "If you really like to rock the funky beats" like 20 billion times into his set. omg- GET MORE THEN 5 *^*&%%!!! records!!! That set made me cry.

The whole night made me cry, made my friends from out of town bitter about raving in Canada again and sorned my opinion of everyone in Kingston. I hope I never go back there ever.

Things that were cool
1- Prime.Nebula
2- Water was only a buck
3- parking was free.

Overall: SHouldhave stayed home with a few drinks and listened to our GOA mp3's.


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I want to make it VERY clear to everyone the following two points.

1. VECTOR PRODUCTIONS had NO part in this event, contrary to what the promoter advertised and told people. Vector's events are professionally run and promoted.

2. Partying in Kingston is not normally like this. There are good and professional production companies here in this town so please do not let this one extremely bad event turn you off from visiting again.

That said, this was perhaps the most unorganized, lame event EVER! The sound was abissmal, the headliner never showed (probably due to the fact that the promoter didn't talk with Astral's agent, but rather with the group themselves -- obviously an amateur with no idea of how things in the entertainment industry work), tickets were WAY over priced (especially for a first time promoter with no record of success) and there was no vibe at all.

This is not what partying in Kingston is like, most of the time and events like this give the entire scene a bad name. My apologies go out to everyone who travelled to Kingston and had such a bad evening.


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want money back

This party was bizzare. Astral Projection did show up @ 4:30 am. Thier set was very good. They looked tired ( like everyone else by that time). They had airport issues

1. The venue was empty. It was a small rec center. reminiscent of an 8th grade dance. Not a good vibe.

2. This party was supposed to run until 12 noon. It died after astral was done thier 1.3 hr set. Pathetic

3. Evolution had many tech issues. Their live pa didn't flow well.
The music was oddly loud for the whole evening.

4. I could go on and on but the nite was a F@#$%6$ freakshow.

5. Astral looked bored and tired at this sad party. Thakyou Spectrum, I'm sure they won't return.

We thought this party was going to be huge. We were shocked when we walked in. We asked the ticket boy ' where is the rest of the party?' Many others looked shocked as well. I really felt for those who were driving home for 5 hours right after such a dissapointing night

I will never go to Kingston again for anything.


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(somewhat on topic, I would say the other half of your crowd were at the party in Toronto which caused a date collide as this party popped up out of no where. meh i say. )
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dont i feel dumb :((((((((((((((

who gives a **** about how many people showed up, or the bad sound system. all i wanted to see was those 2 guys playing live and to get their autographs. i've been listening to their stuff for over 5 years and was waiting for this moment for a looooong time.

i spent aprox. $100 for this party (tix, renting a car, coming down from t.dot, gas, etc...), and got a speeding ticket on the way. very big, expensive ticket full of demerit points.

and for what? a shit party and NOT SEEING a.p.


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So did they show up or not?? I'm confused.

I was visiting old friends from Queen's and was going to go... but the $40 cover charge seemed astronomical for a party in Kingston.

We went to The Shot instead for some nice jazzy house.


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I had a blast.
I got there at midnight and wasn't terribly pumped with the funky live band playing. By 1am, it was a different story. The live group finished and then came the real music. I was dancing my ass off within 15 minutes for the goa and psy trance styles of the BLA crew which continued until 4am when astral projection came on. Since the boys from Isreal had a delayed flight the whole line up got rearranged and I can't tell you whose set was whose, but they were all sick. I'm glad I got to the party when I did. From what I heard from others there, the party didn't kick it until 1am at any point anyways, so I was greatful for the sleep that I got in prior. Astral Projection blew my mind! I have been waiting for years to see them and they surpased my expectations even if they wern't playing live and were only mixing their own tracks. Their set, which was supposed to be only 2 hours, ended up going from 4am until 7am! I danced until the last record dropped and loved it. I needed this party.

Sorry for everyone who had a shitty time, and left early. Had you stayed, it's likely you would have how much these guys simply fucking OWNED. Intimate vibe, wicked venue, free parking, 1 dollar water, the promoters did a kick ass job (note: and this is on top of how much money they lost. There was maybe 350 people, and LOTS of debt, but the party still rocked. You don't see this much anymore.). Props to all the partiers, this sort of small community reminds me what the scene was founded upon.


PS Thank you to Temper Tantrum. the coolest and hottest chick ever, for hosting our asses for the next few days. And KiX and dlerium88 for providing the entertainment. Alchemy and the orange richie, well you boys go for without saying. For the record, Chrissie is short. And my boy Justin , you rock, nuff said.

PPS Djquantum, I MISSED YOU AGAIN. major apologies, searched for you all night. Next time, we will hook it up.
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Yes the turnout was poor, and a lot of people brought a lot of baggage in with them (too expensive, not enough people, long boring drive, etc) which contributed to a less-than-perfect vibe. But -- the party was not without its good points...

Thanks 3nd beat for the kind words :) Yeah we had a good set, it was a shame that only about 30 people heard it, but we came to play and we did.

I left at about 4 AM, before Astral came. Almost all the talent that I did see was very, very good. I also liked the DJ who was on before us -- despite a somewhat unwarranted hissy-fit when we started playing at about 8:05... we opted to segue over his record, and I guess that offended his artistic sensibilities ... but his set was over at 8. Oh well -- it was nothing personal.

Despite what others are saying in this thread I thought the sound was excellent!!! Lots of treble without being harsh, and deep, loud bass with no distortion.

$40 does not seem like a lot for a party that runs from noon to noon and features Astral Projection. I honestly expected a better turnout, considering who the headliner was, and that Kingston is fairly close to Ottawa which has a huge goa scene. A noon-to-noon party with this lineup in Toronto would have easily drawn over a thousand people. In my estimation attendance last night was probably about 350.

The promoter? Well, as I understand it, this was NOT his first event like some speculated, and I really got the impression that he was a pretty good guy. I think he did everything he had to do, and it is unfortunate when things don't go as you would expect them to. He booked Astral and they came (they were held up for hours at the airport by immigration), Evolution (the second headliner) played an excellent 2-hour set (on time), Prine.nebula (tertiary headliner?) played an excellent 2-hour set (on time), the video projection guys were awesome, the sound was good and professionally handled, BLA provided DJ's and decor...

All that was really needed was an audience. As I see it, the only thing that was wrong with the party itself was a late headliner... which is pretty good considering the number of events in which the headliner doesn't even show up.


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i dunno-

The whole party sorrta rubbed us the wrong way. Im sure there were people having fun- I mean, we did have fun when we did...
but then if you were to be really standing in our shoes you would have felt upset about everything too.

A barn party would have been double plus good then the set-up there.

But really, Its my fault. I made everyone go and wasted my time.

Next time, I'll say no and forget it. Parties like that dont need my suport or me actualy in them. It'll be easier for those who actualy enjoy that stuff...


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All that was really needed was an audience. As I see it, the only thing that was wrong with the party itself was a late headliner... which is pretty good considering the number of events in which the headliner doesn't even show up. [/B]

i think the maybe 30% of kingston people who can appreciate good music have learned that there is no reason to be in attendence at these parties.
I stopped attending parties last winter when i heard the "who let the dogs out" song thrown into a really cheesy trance set at the "box".
I understand you guys are trying to promote a scene in this city. But really.
I could have bet $1000 bucks that this thing wouldn't turn out. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.



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I love having crazy amounts of room to dance :) especially when it didn't cost me anything. I don't think I've ever had so much room to dance to such fun music. Though this was the weirdest party I've ever been to, for the good four or five hours before Astral came on I had a blast.

No regrets.
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^^ Mine neither. Evolution's set was one big technical difficulty, the BLA DJ's don't mix, and Astral played off CDs. I was expecting a hell of a lot more from this party, and am VERY disappointed with how it turned out. One of the DJs there kept playing the same damn track! There's only so many times that I can "rock the funky beats" in a night.

Most of this party was boring and the rest was just cracky (did anyone see cracked out psycho-boy running around on stage tossing equipment around? They had to drag him out of the party, kicking and screaming). Waay to far to drive and too much money to pay for what we got.

Good points of the party:
-I at least got to see Astral Projection
-Prine.Nebula played a great set (even though it was to an empty room)
-I'm now alot happier that I live in Toronto where there's actually good parties



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I couldn't beleive that 350 of us got astral projection all to ourselves! For everyone who has complained, it's really unfourtunate that you didn't enjoy yourselves. The party was really what you made of it. It had the potential to be awsome or be a disastor. I drove from waterloo and thought that every minute of the dive was worth it. Sure astral projection did spin off of cd's but I have also been waiting a very long time hear them and get pics taken with them. We got to hear a bunch of their new and unreleased tracks which in my opinion blew the roof off of the place. I was dead tired half way throught their set (which by the way was 3 hours not 1.3!, which is extra good since we were promised only 2 hours of them) but those tracks made me keep on dancing like I've never HAD TO before! The Bla dropped some sick tracks and I didn't care if they mixed them or not. (Thier mixing was pretty perdictable)
I drove an extra hour more than than anyone who only came from Toronto, and the way I saw it was: I came all this way, Am I going to have a good time or a Freaking amazing time!? I made my choice pretty easily.

also, from what I heard the owner of the building showed up at 7am and told the promoter that he wanted another 1000 dollars if they were going till noon. Hence after already loosing a ton of cash the guy said no and stopped the party at 7am and as a result didn't allow a bunch of good talent the oportunity to show case their skill. Too bad, But I wanted to sleep by this point anyway, so it's nice to know that I didn't miss aything.