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Astral Projection in NYC on January 26th??!?

Discussion in 'Trance Room' started by Subsonic Chronic, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I don't know why I signed up for this mailing list if they're only going to tell me the week before anything happens.

    Hopefully I'll have enough warning when Infected Mushroom comes back for Tsumani in NYC. (tentative date: June 1)

    (I hope that this doesn't violate the promoter code of conduct but these guys probably haven't even heard of the Tribe board. [​IMG] I'm just posting this for the sake of the other psy-heads on the board.)

    On Saturday January 26 2002

    Doors open from 11pm till 9am.


    Since their artistic birth in 1994, the true originators of the Israeli trance
    Scene have literally taken over the world with their pioneer powerful sound.
    They have released unforgettable tracks on all the major international labels
    and have definitely imposed themselves as a dominating force of the psy-trance's
    cultural identity. This rare Live Performance will feature the tracks of their
    highly anticipated new album, marking the rebirth of their collaboration with
    TIP Records:
    ASTRAL PROJECTION (TIP Records - Trust in Trance - Israel) LIVE!

    The founder of Atomic Records is justly considered as one of the most important
    talent in the international trance scene. Releasing numerous floor killers as
    Tortured Brain and Viper, Dino's raw and authentic style represents a major
    contribution to psychedelic trance:
    DINO PSARAS (Atomic Records - UK) LIVE!

    Etnica really stand as one of the strongest pioneer in the psy-trance history.
    Their legendary tracks, first released on Blue Room and TIP constitute the real
    heritage of today's trance sound. For the first time in NYC, an exclusive Dj set
    bu Maurizio Begotti from the legendary:
    ETNICA (Spirit Zone - Blue Room - Italy)

    Niko has already acquired a legitimate recognition in the New York City party
    scene by imposing a truly impressive technic melted with his unique
    techno-trance eclectic style:
    NIKO (Synthetic Sadhus - Bulgaria)


    Considered as one of the most influent new artist in Europe, Jerome, who
    originally comes from France, now lives & also works in Germany from where he
    has gained a highly acclaimed international reputation: MAE - MOA (Electric
    Circus - Germany).


    91-12 144th Place, Jamaica, Queens
    New York

    Info Line:
  2. quantumdj

    quantumdj TRIBE Member

    They will be in Ontario in late april, too.

    This sounds like a really good party, though.
  3. seeker

    seeker TRIBE Member

    AP is coming to ontario?!?!?! suh-weet! i missed them when they were in montreal a couple of years back, and i don't intend to make that mistake again. my friends constantly relive the experiences of that night, never forgetting to remind me that "i should have been there".

    look who's smiling now! [​IMG]
  4. quantumdj

    quantumdj TRIBE Member

    More info later. I'll post the flyer when it's finished.
  5. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    ummm... pete, Infected Mushroom was in NYC this past weekend.. sorry to tell ya after the fact. *hides*
  6. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Was it this past weekend? Crap-ass!

    The website for Tsunami had a bad date, and I tried emailing them for more info and they never got back to me. I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway since I was booked up (and both bookings fell through!!! the horor!)

    But the Infected Mushroom website listed this past weekend as the date.

    Thanks for letting me know Keith...

    *sadly mopes away* [​IMG]

  7. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    i hear the amazura totally sucks... many parties in NYC seem to have venue problems.
  8. FunK_DoCta

    FunK_DoCta TRIBE Member

    Hey Pete,

    I'm going to GOA in a month and Isreal next summer. I'll take you with me but you're going to have to give up your male virginity!
  9. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    So... tempting... haha. [​IMG]

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