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WOW. what can I say.

I had SO much fun tonight---!!!!

First, Assult was awesome-- nice dirty tracks *grin*

Second, Grand Pubahs were AMAZING!!!! WHAT A SHOW!!!! holy COW that was some fun crowd involvment:

"Skirts UP!"
"Pants DOWN!"

*grinnnn* hahahhhaahah too much.

and then --- to top it off-- Carola was just killer... too bad I had to leave but Im dead now anyway.... (me ears are ringing!)

few shouts outs to some TBK!::

Tommy/smalls (matching PERFECTLY i must say), Kurt/Froste of course- tons of fun- thanks for the lifts!! *S*, Adam/Hardtekfunk, Kumiko/Mystique2017?, Tom/Pat-T, Emil, James/Terratwist, oh and cant forget Ian/Harmonika and Sabina/Bean!

TOOOOOO much fun. Im going to crash now. *sigh*


WNDERGIRL: "I've gotta go get drunk fast!"


Laura <--- LOVES wednesdays at TOnic
Laura <--- loves that sandwiches track!


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what can i say, i had fun after i finally got to go inside from the cold..BRRR!!!! and yes. i did get drunk...FAST!!
hehehehe. hope to see you all next week!!!!



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I didn't go, feeling under the weather...

But my g/f and her friends attended... She got home about 2ish... I was like... Huh?

"How was it!?"

She said Pubahs were great, got the crowd moving, etc...

Said Carola was amazing...

Said Assault was pure SHIT!

And she loves Booty, she said he sucked... said he thought he was a superstar DJ but we was worse technically then DJ Funk the last time we saw him @ THR GateKeeper II

O well, would of been nice to check it out.. but I was surprised to have my g/f say a DJ she used to like was... PURE SHIT!



Shake that ass, Shake that ass !!!!

Time to make me some sandwiches (looks around for burger girl)

Vibe - Hype!
Crowd - In the know!
Assault - Needed to actually *MIX* tracks together ... he played some good tracks, just needed more scratching and juggling ... seemed a bit half-assed, but a perfect warmup for the Pubahs
Pubahs - They don't call Paris "the black fu" for nothing - they know how to work a party!!! (see Madnezz post)
Carola - Hard and relentless ... flawless! I've been reluctant to say it over the past year or so, but he could be the best techno dj right now for his brand of smooth, driving mixing ... he's spot on everytime!

tommy <--- said he was never going back to Tonic after the dj hell/traxx debacle...NEVER say never!


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This has been on of the best techno parties i've been to in a long time. What more can be said about the talent Most Wanted is bringing in. First off, Dj assult tore shit up with his DMC style trix and unique track selection. I aint the biggest fan of booty house but seeing all those ladies with beautiful asses get down and busy was good enough for me. " skirts up pants down ride"!!! (How you doing eh? that goes out to you antonella... LOL) Then the Grand Pubahs took over doing a very interesting live PA that got the whole club grooving, ...One word, Sandwiches!!! Up next was Marco Corola, what more can be said about this techno genius. I have never seen him live, but let me tell you after last night i have no doubt in my mind that he is 1 of the top 3 DJs in the world. I was completely mesmorized by this mans flawless 3 deck mixing,he is one the best DJs to ever step foot into tonic and hope to see Italy's best techno export again very soon. High light of the night was when some girl took off her top and started playing with her nice breasts behind marco corola, only to be joined by another girl who was licking the topless girls you no what. I love Tonic, will be going there more often... PEACE!!!
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Originally posted by satori:
seeing all those ladies with beautiful asses get down and busy was good enough for me. "skirts up pants down ride"...

...One word, Sandwiches

yes yes!! *grrrrrriiinnnnnnnnnn*



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i'm really dumb. i thought sven vath was last night and that's why i didn't go (not that i consider sven vath to be wrong, i just didn't feel up for that type of music).

call me dumb.


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(...only posting 'cuz Laura made me do it...) *grins*

Hey Laura, that was pretty classic at the bar - me looking at you, you looking at me, we're both like... "Hmmmmmm... mmm.. mmm... (do I know you from somewhere?)" Heh.

It was a damn fine night, indeed. Kinda wish the lounge area was open; at some points during the night I just wanted to curl up with a cold beer and watch the fun unfold - "Out here on the dance floor; we will make sandwiches..." If I die right now, those words will be the last running through my head, even beating out "967 - 11 - 11, call Pizza Pizza, yay yay yay". Oh, commercial jingles.

'k, shout-outs to the original Scrabble Kidz *skidz!*; assorted Party People and Friends; the TBK (including, but not exclusive to) Adam, Susan Oh, Laura, Tommy Smalls, Gerald, Bean and Jacques; those two fine girls making out at the bar, whoever you are...; and of course a little shout-out to Amanda, who I know was there in spirit. =)

Damn goodness,
- E :)

p.s. Matt - *shame!* j/k!


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assault sucked shit. That crap has no soul or intelligence behind it, lots of people I know could even handle it to stay for Marco they had to go because of Assault. Booty house sucks, and I don't care who I offend!
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Par- T

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Interesting night!
No line when I got there, thank god, no way did I want to deal with Tonic's stupid lines when its a deep freeze outside. Met up immediately with Froste, Madnezz and Bean, good to see you guys out.

DJ Assault, Ugh, you suck! Zero flow, no mixing, the odd cool tune but mostly crap. I was all positive and ready to party when I arrived but, damn, you killed my mood. When I stop dancing and just stand and watch, you have to know something is wrong. No where else to go either.

Grand Pubahs were interesting, more of a concert feel than being at a club. They played for a half hour, with the lead guy yapping for about 5-10 min. looking for a drink - spare us the talk and get a drink before you're supposed to perform, yeesh! I wasn't really feeling them, some tunes were fine, others ... what can I say, I don't like that Sandwiches tune.

Thank you, thank you Marco! Last night a DJ saved my party. Holy shit, that was good, sweet, kick-ass tunes to keep us moving. Excellent mixing, great selection, nice flow, a definate pro. I took a bit to get me back in the swing of things, but once there, I was certainly having fun. Why so short, though? He finished up at 3:30 with everyone begging for more, Tonic usually closes around 4am. I wanted more good music to make up for the lack at the start- fun right to the end.

Cheers to Laura, James, Kurt, Sabina, Kumi, Tommy Smalls and Ian.


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i had a fun last night.

i'm not into booty house and was getting kind of tired of it shortly into the pubah's set.

it felt more like a concert to me (esp. with those new music videographers poking about).

mr. carola's set was great: it was 'happy techno', not the usual darker stuff i've heard him spin... and seeing him groove behind the decks was fabulous. sadly, i left early... but it was great being able to hear mr. carola spin via the radio on the drive home

the non-musical highlight of the evening was definitely running into the tbk (and some non-tbk friends as well!):

maddnezz (it's been too long!!)
tommy smalls (nice hair!!)

i'm really impressed with the talent (and of course the TECHNO) that is appearing at ftwk. wednesday night definietly put a smile on my face.



"share what you know, learn what you don't."


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well laura made me post too

so here I go.
for me it was a pretty different experience all togehter
the ppl, the music, and the venue.
it was my first time ever venturing to a club like night and i must say it was quite enjoyable.I now a have a knacking for techno music especially the kind marco was spinning,and id have to agree with Bean it was happy tehcno cause it put a smile on my face the whole night! wahoooooo!
hehehe so all in all I enjoyed myself tremendously and it was a pleasure meeting all of lauras friends too. =) im defintaly picking up a cd or tapr of arco somewhere!

but ta ta for now!


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I had a lot of fun..

I actually was wearing this underwear i could take it off on the side, so i seriously thought about taking it off myself...lol

marco still stays as one of my fav djs :ploved it..

i am a bit ashamed that i could not stay till 4am (had to go home to work from 6am..lol)

It was really sweet to meet all the wicked people there:
@m-i thought you always go out for tities hehe (j/k)..and yes! CONGRATS with the great news!!!!! I am SUPER happy for you!
Tommy-Nice hair do, boi!

Let's take some crazie pictures!!!
Laura-I love your hair too!!! dat's so cute I will transform into a blk gal soon though..hehe..i think..lol
Par-T-hehe..it was funnie when I started talking to you there

ya! one hard core partier! you are!
next time, we shall exchange number cause I am [USUALLY]hard core too

next mission...
all you guys know~~~


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terrawrist III

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had some good funs!

especially for the pubah's eccentric stylings!!.......i'd say that they are the most interesting,most sought after new act this year!

great to see the TBK in full effect:miss laura(way,way too long....missed ya!)

bean(always chillin'!)
par-t(always representin' the crew!)

now on to carola-....started off with some breaky,progressive house shit...which im not used to,that kinda got me pouuta tune for a bit..not really movin at all...when madnezz came to say bye to me,he started hittin that techno sound that im used to form him...but by that time i was finished and had to leave(had to werk at 8!!!)

all but good though...it was definetly about the motor city that night!