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Asian Dub Foundation@elmo


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I gotta say anyone who missed this, should make a point to see these doods next time they're in town.....

When i walked in to see a mixed crowd and a band on stage i was totally confused, and then the band started to rock it out, I was really enjoying the rock music and then outtah nowhere enters Mc Spex to MC over the rock that they turned into a DnB beat (the drummer was INSANE!)..............then came Marcus who didn't spin for long cause things got sketchy, but the drummer playing the drums over his first track was WIKKID!

All in all totally not what I expected to see but totally worth the 10 bones, i hope they come down again:D
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damnit, I knew I should have gone.
was waiting for a review like this to come up actually


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such a weird fucking party!

came in to some serious ROCK N ROLL, (which i have to say i was not expecting considering Marcus and ADF were on the bill)...started to get a little ansy but slowly you could hear them bringing in some d'n'b elements.... then Spex came out and it was a pure drum and roll infusion. Suuuuuuper badass, can't say i've really ever heard anything like it before.

Before long it was a full on jungle jam.... good times, till Marcus just sort of upped and left and didn't come back, ADF went for a blunt break, only to return with MC Senseimilla (some chick mc from scarborough) who KILLED the party (no not killed in the good way). Some other chick MC went up too, it was such an ugly scene. Now i'm all for the females reprazenting in the MC scene but shit. You have ADF!!, who the fuck brought in these bitches??

Anyways, things went totally downhill from there, and they just kinda ended up killing the music and wandered off stage without a word around 2 and that was that.

But the part in the middle was AMAZING... totally worth the whole fiasco!

Sadly, no Fly Ova for the burnout massif. :( Spex said one of their members was supposed to show up, who had the music for a shitload of tracks like that one they wanted to drop but he didn't make it.



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I left early cause I was fucked... but from what i saw, it was pretty good.

vinder smelled like garlic.
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