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Ascension... wow!!

Subsonic Chronic

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Ascension kicked ass. The music made me very happy. I got there during s4, who kicked ass, and everyone after him kept things going. Nostrum was amazing!! And Dr. Trance and Drag'n'fly kept me dancing until the end.
Wicked night!!!



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Like really Pete, who are you fooling with that "Dr. Trance and Drag'n'Fly kept me dancing till the end" shit. I saw you! And you wasn't dancing.

Nostrum was absolutely fabulous, everything i wanted to hear and more. Their sound was crisp and the set was programmed perfectly - Epic Highs to Hard Valleys to Epic Highs once again, with Blowback and Brilliant as the most anticipated of highlights.

Dr. Trance's set was scary on so many levels I still get chills just thinking about it.

S4 ripped it up really hard and fast - no mercy for the dancefloor, which looked like a battlefield during his set - people kicking and air-punching and twitching and screaming...

The stage graveyard, the firedancer and the firefalls outside were nicely utilized to remind people that t'is not a season to be jolly, but most were oblivious to that fact and sported huge grins all throughout the night.

All in all a wicked halloween outing.

Captin Kurk

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Yeah this party rocked! It was nice to see promoters and D.J.'s doing something different (fireworks, rarely used yet great location, fire eaters, stage theatrics.) Nostrum kicked some serious arse. Dr. Trance seemed to be a little, oh, should we say, excited during his set
I would definitley say the Dr.'s set reached a climax.

Amazing party,


Captin Kurk

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I forgot to add this...

The one low point was just before we left we saw all most all of the paid duties and security guards gathered around a guy who looked like he was O.Ding trying to keep him awake. As we left we saw him being loaded into an ambulance and driven away. Hopefully he is all right. I'll take it that because I haven't heard any thing else about this incident he's still alive. How can we convince the city that raving is safe if things like this keep happening? More education is needed, not just in the rave community, but to those who are considering going to their first rave.

This aside, it was an awsome party. Nice job by all the promoters.



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Great job by all the promoters, they definitely pulled out all the stops with this one. I was mightily impressed by the fireworks outside as well as the fire dancer inside. As for Nostrum... I'll avoid the obvious comment about them being "Brilliant" yuk yuk yuk...
but I will have to say that this was one of the most amazing 60 minutes of music I've ever had the pleasure to experience. From the get-go, starting off with "Melancholic Child" right up 'till the end with "Brainchild", they had the entire crowd in the palm of their hands, showing us just how powerful and moving trance music can be.

As for the rest of the music, I can't really comment, as I mostly just caught the last half of S4's set and the first half of Dr. Trance's. From what I heard, it was a bit too hard-housey for my tastes. I do have to say, I'm a little bit surprised to see the Dr. jumping on the hard-house bandwagon... Anyway, I was definitely not disappointed, as I was there for one reason and one reason only, and I got my money's worth and more!

Finally, I'd just like to thank the persons responsible for (finally) bringing Nostrum to Toronto... I just have one question... WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK?!?


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AT-AT' Like really Pete, who are you fooling with that "Dr. Trance and Drag'n'Fly kept me dancing till the end" shit. I saw you! And you wasn't dancing. (Ya I can tossmyvote'in for that one HE wasn't dancein') But his head was movin' alot.

****Captin Kurk**** Yes the guy that was taken out is fine and prob. STILL sleeping it off!

As for the rest.
I had a F**kin' good time!

The Drag'N'fly

Captin Kurk

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The Eminiem track is called something along the lines of "Shh...Forgot About Dre." and was spund by Dr. Trance, who's set KICKED ASS! The track's preatty funny, and I'm preatty sure you can get the track with out the Eminem/Dre sample, or should I say lyrics on it.

Dr Trance

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The track is by Jonah v. Dre and is (obviously) a white label. Check the Pit for copies, but I got mine several weeks ago, and they might be out.
Glad you all liked the fire-guy. He did that stuff as a demo for us-so tell any promoters you know that he's available for bigger parties (like New Year's Eve). And thanks to the Drag 'N Fly for hooking us up with him.
See you at the end of Nov. for our first anniversary party with Hardware and Karma (Australia). Plus it's SOS's birthday bash!


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Well, Once again Destiny thru together an amazing party to celebrate the end of another great month of partying.

Venue: This is the third I have attended a party at Atlantis, and also the third I have had a wicked wicked time there. The best part about the venue this time had to be the fact that they turned off the all so annoying rotating dance floor and the worst would definitely go the lack of cold water in the bathrooms. Having the second room upstairs is great cause it gives you a chance to get away from the party from time to time and hear a different style of music, and it also gives those of use who enjoy other genres of music to rip it up to their faves.

Music: Well, there are definitely no complaints here. St. Pete started on the decks with one his usual sick sets, my only beef was the fact that we had to stand in line for half of his set for some reason although we were first inline. He has yet to let me down at any party. Next up was the man behind Destiny, the one and only OS/2, his set was a little different than I was used to but he managed to keep the crowd jumping throughout. Does anybody know the name of the Reggae track that he spun? Ottawa's S4 stepped up next and drove the people with his own hard style of trance, it amazes me how large his following is in T.O. Here is where the night went from good to great. Nostrum absolutely ripped it up with a live P.A. Now I have said in the past that I hate live P.A's, and others have told me that when I hear a good one I would change my mind, well after this one my mind has quickly been changed. I was so impressed with this wicked set, and I was not alone cause Nostrum was all I heard about for the rest of the night. This set was followed by Dr. Trance, and I must say that it was the only set of the night that I didn't like. It really bordered on cheese if you ask my opinion. Finally, Dragn'Fly made up for the last time I saw with a great set, the last two songs were by far my fav's:
Join Me-Lightforce, and ??????? So those of you who remember the last track please help me out.

Vibe: Well, I must say that this party was a little different than those Ascensions that preceded it, a few too many clubbers and a few too many young kids took away from the usual atmosphere. But as always alot of friends made it a memorable night.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
See you all next month.



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thank you

Member of the Co-op ‘TTC’

The DragNfly

Dr Trance

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I'm interested to know why you thought my set "bordered on cheese."
It's not really all that different in style and tone from what I've been playing for some time now...with a couple of older faves thrown in by request (The Pink Panther). What specifically do you consider "cheese"? Better known anthems like "Zombie Nation"? Or maybe what I consider to be a wicked mix of that Dr. Dre Eminem track that fills the floor with rabid dancers every time I play it? Or maybe it was the backwards masking of the Brittney Spears? Help me out here, gang.


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The recent growth in popularity of Tracks like Zombie Nation and Sandstorm in the club scene along with the many rip-offs of those tracks have made me dread hearing them at parties. I know that I am not alone on this, I mean turning to 103.5 etc. and hearing the top 10 at 10 filled with old faves like Zombie Nation, Airwave and Sandstorm, has forced me to search for innovation and some sense of individualism with every set. I don't doubt that many of the attendees did rush to the floor when they heard them, but as I said earlier the crowd was mixed with a different crowd on said night. When it comes to your particular brand of trance I must say that you tend to be hit and miss with ME personally, some times I absolutely love your sets and sometimes and I am the exact opposite, but thats just my opinion. I must say that hearing RBA's No Alternative was a definite plus, its only the second time I have heard it live, the first being John '00 Fleming at WEMF. Hey don't get me wrong, you have been around a lot longer than I, so maybe I should trust your judgement over my own, but I am just telling you what I thought at the time.


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About the same time that these songs rolled into Paparazzi, Palatzo, Plastique, and the city of Woodbridge.


-- Jay aka Fut


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Last night i was driving with a couple buddies to a house party..took about 2 hrs worth of driving around to get there...

During this drive.. we decided to cruise my 'programmed' radio stations for the first time in a long time..instead of listenin to cd's.

In the 2 hours..we heard Zombie Nation 4 times, that 'hear you calling' song 3 times, and Sandstorm 3 times.

needless to say i was somewhat pleased with my decision to NOT buy zombie nation this past thursday when i found it at eastern bloc.

That said, sandstorm STILL remains one of my favourite tracks.