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I would just like to point out that i had a wikkid good time at this party. I havent been to the Industry since last summer and i forgot what a kewl place it was, even though the dancefloor was crowded and they would'nt let me into the 19+ area after 2:00. Although the night wasn't as trancey as i had hoped (got there late, missed Dr.Trance and half of O/S2 set), Chris Liberator was good but in my humble opinion Nauti Groove stole the show...and to think up until last night i was saying to myself: "who the hell is this guy Nauti-Groove?....i never heard of him". I guess I just lead a sheltered suburban life. Any idea where i can pick up a mixtape or some info on Nauti Groove? I have the distinct gut-feeling that most of you did not have a good time last night but i'd like to hear your opinion anyway.


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It wasn't as good as the last one, but maybe that's 'cause I was a bit tired and I have a wee bit of a cold. I still had fun though, but I wish there was a bit more trance played. 7.85/10


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This one was good but it remainded me of the first one same type of crowd... That aside it still didn't compare to the last one... I am a fan of techno and all but I wanted to hear way more trance than what was played...

Dr. Trance's set at the begining was a bit to calm and wussy like for that time of night... But still good glad to hear him anytime...

Nauti Groove had to have been my favorite set of the night but this was due to my mood at the time I really enjoyed just hearing nice progressive/melodic tracks at that time... Played Escape so I was happy hehe...

OS/2 got me dancing I was really happy with this set... 1998 remixes are getting a bit boring but still glad to hear it at times...

Chris Liberator well I really liked what I heard... it just so happens that the place was packed at the moment and to dance was next to imposible cause of all the people walking around... Seems that walking around was very popular last night for most people...

I'll still be at the next one for sure... Hope S4 is there next time... I missed some hard trance this time...



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I do not think that this party was as good as the last one but that could be because I am comparing the two. The music for me lacked something but I do agree that Nauti Groove did play the best set.
I was glad to see Industry delt better with the 19+ area making it easier to get in and out of the washrooms.
One lil suggestion would be to clear out some of those tables to clear up some more dance space. I go to dance not to wiggle amongst other people on the dance floor!

miss mary jane

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I found this party wicked just like the first two!

I dont really get into it until about 5am when there's room on the dance floor and most ppl have gone home which leaves lots of space!
Nauti Groove was good

I actually really liked parts of ErykS' live PA

I dont think I can ever get sick of Binary Finary.....cuz if Im not sick of it by now....
It was good too meet a couple ppl from this board too!!!!!

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Wow I thought that Chris Liberator was really good. Alot more techno than usual and alot slower than usual but still a very good set. OS/2 was also very good. I wasn't able to stay very long however I would have to say that I really like this Ascension thing and I hope they continue throwing wicked parties. I almost didn't even notice that I was at Industry. Thank you Destiny. You guys rock!


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This was a great party. It was a nice change to go to Industry and feel a super positive vibe all night. This was just my second full-gon trance party (being a house/techno head) and I loved all of the music.
Liberator was incredible. He started out a bit slow, but moved on to some great trance/techno.
I met some super people there, and it was great to see the champagne lounge finally open.
I will definatly be attending the next Ascension.

Metal Morphosis

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I had a wicked time at this party - an even better time than the last one - specifically because of the crowd. I found there were less young, freaky people wandering around and the vibe was intense. Everyone who was there was there for the music and to party hard.

I got there relatively early and found Dr. Trance's set to be pretty decent. Sure it was somewhat calm, but I guess he was just working us in slowly so that we wouldn't be worn out for Chris Liberator.

Chris Liberator was SIC!!!
Nauti Groove seemed to start out slow but i was really impressed by the time the set was finished.

Didn't really enjoy Erik S too much but was overall happy with the music.
I stayed until the end - just to give you an indication of how much fun i was having.

I was on my feet pretty much from 11 - 7, except when i went to check out the new lounge at the back - well done Industry. The new bar at the back is fantastic - love the disco ball!!!

I'm so sad i won't be able to attend the next Ascension party (with Comander Tom) in March - but i can guarantee I'll be back for April's!!

thanks to Destiny and Industry for throwing yet another wicked party.


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I had a wonderful time, the crowd was definately better than the previous Ascencion, and Nautigroove was fabulous i thought.. Chris Liberator didn't disappoint either! Now looking forward to Commander Tom.. i'm enjoying looking forward to these because the quicker they happen the quicker summer will be here. =)


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I would like to thank everyone for their revues. I had an excellent time playing (and partying) with everyone. I hope to play in Toronto again in the near future! Thanks again...Nautigroove (Jason)
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Destiny Productions

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Big thanks from all of us at Destiny as well! There was definitely a solid vibe in the room all night, and this event will only continue to improve. Finally, to the person that mentioned he was sick of 1998 remixes, I assume its a hit on the Binary Finary mix I played near the end of my set - its actually the 2000 remix and came out a month ago. Nothing in my bag is older than 6 mos. and most is 30-60 days.



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i just have to say that Nauti-groove's set was the best i've heard this year so far...and up there with Max Graham's set from Chocolate as mah favorites of all time!

i love how he plays with the crowd!
please tell me u guys taped it! PLEASE..

Liberator did a fine job..as usual..
OS/2..kept me dancing the whole set..
St.Pete..mah favorite local...loved seeing him at the party!
Rogue State...surprised me...i liked what i heard..
Dr. Trance...missed your set..sorry..

all 3 ascensions have been great...this is a wikked monthly party...
good job guys...



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I saw someone post asking about a track hehe well I wanna do the same...

If anyone was there for Dr. Trances set... He played a track that I couldn't really describe except that parts of it would tottaly be quiet and all you could hear is tic toc tic toc tic toc like a clock.. If anyone knows the name could you pleas post it... Thank you....



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I left this party at around 4, but only because I wasn't feeling well. The time I did spend there was a lot of fun. Chris Liberator was a great show, as always, although I couldn't get into the housier tracks he played at times(just my taste). I enjoyed OS/2 and Dr. Trances sets for the first time in a while. I'll be at the next one for sure,hopefully a flu epidemic won't be going around then so I can stay longer


Dr Trance

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In answer to CIG's question, the song with the ticking is called "Everybody" by Progress Presents The Boy Wunda and is on Manifesto Records...and is my current #1 track.
By the way, and this may be just a matter of ego, but it's also a matter of fact: although Destiny is involved with the Ascension parties, they are in fact presented by THE TORONTO TRANCE CORPS, despite what it says in the Tribe listings.
We will continue to try to present the best trance djs every month in a wicked atmosphere, and we take all of your comments on this board and others seriously.
Thanks for attending, and we look forward to seeing you again in March!
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That 2000 mix may have just come out a month ago, but it's still a re-re-(re?)-remix of a track that's been out more than 2 years. :p And it STILL doesn't hold a candle to the Matt Darey mix or even the original PvD mix...

But that's just my opinion of course...

Can't we let that damn song die a graceful death??? I mean... good God, I heard it played not once, not twice, but THREE times at the last Hulla.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Nothing in my bag is older than 6 mos. and most is 30-60 days.</font>
no offense, but that's silly. you don't seem interested in playing good music.. just new music -- cheddarrr!

maybe you should sell your old records to someone who will play them.


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wow where did this thread come from?? Wherever it came from I'm now excited to see Chris Liberator again this month! oh the memories of this ascencion from last year......
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kodos:
no offense, but that's silly. you don't seem interested in playing good music.. just new music -- cheddarrr!

maybe you should sell your old records to someone who will play them.
I was actually talking about this the other day to someone... OS/2.. Dr. Trance.. etc.. Must have an amazing collection of old records...

I would LOVE.. to hear an oldskool trance set from one of them!!.. I would go to a party JUST TO HEAR THAT.

Ryan? Come on!! Bring out the old Vinyl!!



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How strange indeed...

Anyway, I've been to 2 Ascensions, those being #3 and #15 (exactly a year apart).

Ascension 3 (in my opinion) was a great party. Nautigroove played a good set as well as St. Pete, OS/2 was good as well, Eryk S. was too mellow for my liking, and Chris Liberator royally kicked my @$$!

Ascension 15... Deko-ze was bangin', Deepsky was not my cup of tea, OS/2 was good and Grooverobber was nice and hard. It seems that there was a lack in attendance, and I do like Atlantis as a venue, but not for Ascensions. The minute I walked in (after crossing the bridge) it felt like a normal friday nite club with your regulars. I still had fun though, it helps to know people.


**wanted to see Chris Liberator this month, but exams are approaching too fast**