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Ascension 20

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i heard it was a boat full of druggies and 2 people OD'd and the ship had to come to shore hours early.

Mystik Illusion

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Kodos, it's a good thing you 'heard' and weren't actually there.

Since I was there, I'd have to say that the 'drug use' was probably typical for any party in T.O.

Yes, ONE person did OD. Not much you can do about that though, that could happen anywhere. As a result, the boat did turn in early - by a 1/2 hour.

As far as the music and party goes (this is a review forum, correct?) The music was not typical for Ascension, however it was fairly 'refreshing'. Vibe was good, met a lot of cool, (and sober) people.

The rooftop was the place to be. Unless you've seen Toronto from the middle of the lake, at night, under a clear sky you can't picture how beautiful our city actually is.
The lights, and overall view was spectacular.

Looking forward to the next one....
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This party did not go how its promoters would have liked it to go, but I think everyone was very understanding.

I got there at 12:30 when the ship was unloading its previous passengers. I went into the little bar on the dock to have a pre drink since this party was to have a 'licensed area'
We all lined up at about 1 am, and waited till 3, thats when i finally stepped aboard.
I was a little peeved to learn that my plans of a drunken sail were foiled, alas, no bar.

The music was very progressive. I'm not a huge fan but I danced ( when i could peel my feet off the sticky top deck)
I never knew that some kid OD'd, I was sober, and I must say I was one of a handful only. Which brings me to another topic of how I hate "ravers" who come to parties just to do drugs, vomit all over themselves and others then sit on MY dancefloor all night ( but we'll save the complaining for another thread, another time)

The sunrise and Dr. Trance were awesome, if I could show you pics i would, awesome party crowd and the red purple orange sky made an awesome 8x14 print for my wall

Kudos to Dr. Trance and the crew for the crap that they had to put up with. It was my first boat cruise, and definitly not my last.

See you Aug 31!!!
if you were there and you want some pics, email me and i'll send em to ya!


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I have to first say it was my first boat cruise party and
it was awesome although the party started quite late and speaker sound was weak.
(I believe speaker was placed only on the front side for the middle floor...)

I expected more trance from ascension but they played more of else.
Still, the music was good (but not the best)and I enjoyed dancing with it.

Nice night scenary and dancing on boat floor were very exciting experience.
I also have to mention the crowd, they were friedly and made good vibe.

It wasn't the best but I can see that a little more will make the party lot better.
expecting the next one.

Hey, I thought it was a rave party and I couldn't buy glowsticks on the boat!!!


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to all the ppl who have emailed me ...be patient..i'm sorry.......personal matters........gimme a week!