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Ascension 16


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The music for this party did absolutely nothing for me. The Liberators Acid Techno just aint my thing.

Now what Im really pissed off about. The Parking situation. Did Destiny not say there was PLENTY of FREE parking at this venue?

Well first off I arrived there at around 12am and there was no parking left in the lots. Secondly, there definetely was NOT alot of parking.

Now the worst part. Almost everyone who came out of the party was greeted with a beautiful $40 parking ticket on their windshield. This seems really strange to me. I cant believe a meter maid was patrolling this area and saw these cars that needed tickets. I may be wrong but I dont think so.

This is really intolerable. Paying $20 for a party, being reassured of FREE parking and then everyone coming out to see $40 tickets.

What should be done? What can be done?

Dr Trance

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What can be done? Destiny is attempting to get all the tickets that were recieved to present to the city with proof that a permit in fact existed for that lot for that night.
Check the Destiny site for more info or call the info line.
2-The owners of Palais Royale have told me they have called the city again and this thing will NOT happen again next time.
As for the wording of the post on #16-we never said there was a LOT of parking-only that there was parking available. Next time if the lot is full, we suggest you find parking near the Queen/King/Ronscesvalles terminal and walk across the bridge.
I agree that it's just wrong for meter maids to be out tagging overnight, but when you consider the city is trying to shut down Meow, you can understand why they were out there.The fact that Palais Royale is nowhere NEAR Meow apparently makes no difference to these---uh---brain surgeons...
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Chris Hughes

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My name is Chris Hughes, I am the Media & Entertainment Manager for the Palais Royale.
On behalf of the Palais I would like to apologize for the Parking the night of #16.
I would however like to offer a sugestion as we will be holding many more partys at our space, the hospital across the bridge at the end of Queen has a payed parking lot, that you can park over night. ( please ask before you park ) The city has decided to put a parking lot inbetween west and east streets of lakeshore. Please be patient as this is not the first thing on the city's list to do.
This is a great space for the party scene and I really want everyone to have a great time. This summer should offer alot as the patio will be open be open for a possible second room or chill out space. Please email me if you have any concerns or questions. chris@palaisroyale.net ( djs demos are wanted for opening spots this summer so send me an email for the proper mailing address )

Thanks everyone !!!

Chris Hughes

Mystik Illusion

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So has anyone heard anything yet about the permit number for the parking? According to Destiny they do have one, but for some strange reason they still haven't posted it anywhere. Can anyone help?

Musical Rush

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mystik Illusion:
So has anyone heard anything yet about the permit number for the parking? According to Destiny they do have one, but for some strange reason they still haven't posted it anywhere. Can anyone help?</font>
Hey there i also got a ticket for 55$ all i did was take my ticket to one of the offices on the back of the ticket ,i told them the story they said i have to go to court that's if it even makes it to court i'm supose to receive a letter in 2 months for a court date,so if anyone does have the permit # i would like to have it i'll probably need it for court if it makes it that far.