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Ascension 14

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Mortyman, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. Mortyman

    Mortyman TRIBE Member

    You know what, this was one of the best parties I've been too, hear me out.

    First off, it wasn't overly packed, beautiful. I always found room to dance and was able to find people without having to bump into everybody on the way. The dance floor had a steady crowd at all times with enough room to bust out.

    The music was amazing! OS/2 was spinning when we got there, and he's still throwing down the shit!!! When Dekoze first first came on, I wasn't too impressed, then when the sound system shorted out for about 10 minutes, he came back and spun a killer set.

    Dr. Trance, well, what can I say, you sure know how to get the crowd going. With cameras recording his every move, it was still the same Dr. Trance as old, no faking infront of the cameras, just keepin' it real.

    David Padilla, you're welcome back to Toronto anytime! I heard some smoothe mixing to some of the illest tracks. Hope we made you feel at home with the decorations (good job Destiny) and it's good to hear more international talent hit the Ascension scene.
    Drag N' Fly started off with a slow pace but later kicked it into high gear.

    Security was pretty tight, but that's the typical Ascension party. There were a lot of narcs there, not to hard to spot them.

    Upstairs was pretty dead all night, but it was a great place to relax and watch the crowd below. I didn't really find anything wrong with this party, everything flowed smoothly with a few bumps along the way.

    Congradulations Destiny on, yet another, fine party.
  2. Korruption

    Korruption TRIBE Member

    ya this was a pretty sick party. got to atlantis around 1 am and walk right in with a minimal search which i thought was strange. usually theyre pretty tight about security but this time they didnt even check my bag. when i got in i noticed the place wasnt overly packed. it had just the right amount of people so you could still move around and dance without bumping into everyone.
    i hafta say that the set of the night had to go to david padilla. this is the first time seeing him spin and he was not a disappointment.

    im out
  3. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    how do you spot a narc?
  4. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    ^^^ They usually have moustaches and wear trench coats.

  5. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    pete would know.

  6. Noodles

    Noodles TRIBE Member

    i had a really great time also.
    DragN' Flys set was killer i love the shit he plays!!
    Atlantis is a sweet place it was my 1st time there.
    will definetly be at the next party!
    see u all at A15 [​IMG]

    Peace n' Respect
  7. Mortyman

    Mortyman TRIBE Member

    Yes, Atlantis is a sweet place, I can see how people might get sick of it though, I mean, if you went every friday night. Once a month, perfect. Won't be at the next Ascension though. Those damn Tiesto tickets for the next night are expensive. I can go to Ascension any month, Tiesto, only 1.
  8. DjDragNfly

    DjDragNfly TRIBE Member

    On behalf of the TTC (Toronto Trance CORPS) I would like to apologize for the treatment of the PPL that were harassed at the most resent party A14. It sucks that Mr. Fanino has to execute his "Rave Holocaust" just because a "Rave Positive" local paper prints his address. *(And just to let everyone know EVERY after-hours/rave club received a visit from the police that night)*
    It is important that PPL understand that...
    We the TTC (Toronto Trance CORPS) Dr.Trance, OS/2, S.O.S, Dekoze, St.Pete, Drag'N'fly. Have NO control over a Government assisted/mandated facility that has it's own security force. And for what it's worth we are sorry if anyone was done wrong. All that we can ask is please do not let one uncontrollable instance, mark a spotless 13 PARTY record without incident. We will take steps to make sure Ascension party's will continue to be the safe, responsible, REAL NIGHT OUT that they have been since day 1.
    We all look forward to seeing all of you @ the next Ascension # 15 Feb. 23/2001.

    And dance like nobody is watching.....
    Yours in vIbE!
    The Drag'N'fly [​IMG]
  9. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member


    you might want to post that on the hullabaloo board too because someone was posting about getting pushed around by the cops pretty bad that night.


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