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Ascension 12 - thanks


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Thanks to everyone (especially Dr.Trance) who helped make my birthday party at Ascension a blast. I also was very pleased to hear how many people recognized some of the old stuff I played (two of them were 5 years old)...good to know it still is about the music.
Special thanks to Hardware for being so...




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As usual Ascension kicked ass. Good stuff all around. Great music, nice people, good venue, etc. etc. The extended booty house set upstairs made my night. I usually hate nu-nrg but hardware's set *almost* made me enjoy it


PS happy birthday SOS!


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What a sweet fucking party!!!!
The Ascensions just keep getting better and better.
I dont think I saw one person that wasnt having fun.
And all I have to say about those dancers on stage is



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i've never been to atlantis before, so i surprised at how uh.....un-rave like it was. it was a super nice club.....a little too bright for my likings, but cool nevertheless. and i love walking into the middle of a kick ass set. dr. trance delivered his usual never-disapointing performance. good times......blah blah....walked around.....hung out upstairs for a while and watched gino club girls try to get hit on. very entertaining! made it back downstairs in time for hardware's set, which was really cool.....a little intense, but whatever. then dj karma, who i'd never heard before, totally kicked ass and threw down a few of faves, which always makes me happy.......

overall it was a wicked 1 year for destiny and myself.
and i got to see all my ascension friends. for some reason i ONLY see certain people at ascension.....it was pretty cool times.....



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Ascention was GREAT.

It was nice to line up in a place with a nice view and out of the cold for a change. (from time of arrival to club entry was about 30-45minute wait.) Once inside i was impressed by the swankyness of atlantis... pretty stylin.. tho a bit bright from all the windows and ambient lighting.
Met my good party friend TOM (Par-T) Always a pleasure to hang whit 'chu tom. S.O.S. threw down my favorite set of the night... hard hitting NuNRG right thru and thru one buildup after another.... happy birfdayboy.
HARDWARE came next.. he did not let down.... hard trance i found very enjoyable, but to a lesser degree than s.o.s.
And then finally Dj KARMA... man i've never seen anyone chill out a crowd so badly.
with the two preceeding sets of HARD motherfuckin' shit Karma disapointed me greatly with his 'This is Trance' approach to his set.... Plain ol not very special or interesting trance... BLEH. I wonder how much the round trip plane ticket cost from here to ausrailia, was it really worth it? ney.

All in all a GREAT NIGHT. I had'nt been to a good trancejam in awhile.. and it was nice to see all the glowstikkerz unite!
Thankyou ascention of again, never letting me down.

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Par- T

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Another cool Ascension party, aren't they all? At least every one that I've been to has (that's all but 3 of them)- never disapointed. Oh, thank you for not turning on the damn revo


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Hardware started off kinda lame but got back on track half way through his set and finished nicely.

I kinda liked Dj Karma but I only heard about half an hour of his set.


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i had a blast at this latest ascension night.. spent the first half of the night in the 19+ area then headed downstairs.. Dr Trance got things going as great as he always does, os/2 started movin things along - i really enjoyed his set.. set of the night in my opinion goes to SOS.. it just kept getting better and better and harder.. hardware started off kinda awkward it seemed, but his set picked up as he went along and finished nicely.. next up was Karma and i really enjoyed his set, sure he slowed things down a bit it seemed, but it was good for 5am on, great mixing and i loved the tracks that would just be slowly going along then break into something hard.. this kid has a lot of potential in years to come and for being 20 years old and already internationaly touring, he's doing somethin right! check out his set on the technopolis show next friday i think it'll air....

up next - jon the dentist at ascension 13, then on dec 30th jon the dentist AND commander tom both in buffalo! can't wait!


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Once again another great ascensions party.
This time I convinced some of my jungle friends to come along and now they are hooked! Tehy can't get the trance off their stereo and the planing of the next one is in motion.


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Was it me or was the sound sucky for Hardwares first half?

I really liked Karma's set. Definitely more morning stuff, which is good for the morning...
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Louder isn't better...better is better.

It's called compression - a.k.a.:
"I'm better so I should play louder than everyone else."

Sad but true.


Par- T

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My review: don't know what happened there, computer fucked up- couldn't post anything else after that. I said more ... don't really remember what, now.

Now for a shorter more condensed version:
I had a good time, nice hard trance from Hardware - just what I was in the mood for.
Didn't stay for Karma - work on a Sat. morning sucks.
Oh, the rest of my last sentence....thanks for turning off that damn revolving dance floor - makes me ill if I spend any time on it. I guess they had complaints, either that or it's broken.
Sos's sets are always a highlight - hope you had a great b-day. Happycore birthday track was interesting, glad you shut it off when you did - I reached my limit halfway through

Patrick, nice to see you again - come out more often will ya?