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artist wanted


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i'm looking for other artist to show with,
anyone intrested in showing their art (paint photography design costume fashion sculpt) should get in touch with me

i'm organizing a few different monthly art oriented events on different levels, from traditional art shows to concept parties.
also to work on contract jobs


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I'm very interested, what venues and entertainment do you have in mind? Most of my paintings are large...and I have done mural work before. Would you be interested in having more artists involved?
Fill me in.


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there is an event you could show at this saturday in toronto
i'm also constently working on interior decor, murral painting and props, stuff like that, so please email me right away


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and yes i'm looking for as many possible artists as possible, i,m getting display space all over the city and holding 1 main event every month, and looking at expanding very soon to more