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Artificial turf at the UofT back campus sports fields

Should the UofT put artificial turf on the back campus sports field?

  • Do it!

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • No, and pay the penalty to back out of the deal if any.

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Don't care either way.

    Votes: 4 30.8%

  • Total voters


Staff member
A pole!

Our illustrious Toronto City Council has spent the entire day discussing this issue, even though the contract is already signed and it is a done deal. If it is undone there will be a $10 million dollar penalty someone will have to pay.

Not even considering why it costs $10 million dollars to carpet over a soccer field, or why these nutbars are wasting an entire day discussing this issue now, take this pole....


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the field as is, is well used by u of t groups like rugby and soccer. If they turf it it will exclude the "locals" (aka students) imo. Plus, u of t already built the Varsity center with it's high end fake turf. How many fake turf fields does u of t need? It's kind of obvious these fields will no longer be used by students in favour of becoming a "professional" venue, yet students will be charged for the upkeep of them in the "incidental fees paid for tuition"

end rant, (yes I am a u of t graduate hehe)


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I am so happy they moved forward with the turf.

I work in Property Management and Facilities within the University and I can confirm this field is a mud pit 70% of the year and is very under used as a result. It is also very expensive to maintain for the little use it gets.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to upgrade while piggy backing on the pan-am games is genius. Not only will the field be used for the games, but now we can use it to attract more student athletes. I understand U of T is more an academic school than athletic but this is our opportunity to bring in those students and give everyone better facilities to work with.

Now that we have this second astro field, we could also open it up to the public and start to generate revenue from this field much like we do with Varsity.

Anyhow, that's my two cents which is likely against the masses on tribe so let the arguing begin hahah ;)
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I'm all for letting the institution do what ever they want, if it will benefit the school and community at large, which it will do in this instance. IMO

The student body and community will be able to use the filed earlier and later on in the year as it won't be a mud pit in the spring/fall.

I'm also upset that this is being proposed now instead of when they originally approved it. Seems backward and Mr. Vaughn is just pandering to some loudmouths in his ward.

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I can confirm this field is a mud pit 70% of the year and is very under used as a result. It is also very expensive to maintain for the little use it gets.

It's expensive to maintain a mud pit??? If it's so expensive shouldn't it be in good condition? are you allowed to use real pesticide like golf courses?