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Art Official-"My Expert Tease"-House/Jackin'/Pop/Disco/Deep

Art Official

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Art Official-My Expert Tease (left click, right click download and save as)

Description: A 102 minute blend of 60 house tracks laced together in an epic party tease!!

1.Jeremy Joshua-Thinkin' about your face
2.Bobby & Klein-Keep it right(Busy remix)
3.MC Freeflow-Late Night(Snatch UP! remix)
4.Timo Graf, Dacia Bridges-Other Side(J Paul Getto remix)
5.Mark Ronson-Record Collection (tease)
6.Ian Carey-Get Shakey (tease)
7.Ryan Blyth-Make my love
8.The Sneekers-Klick Trak
9.Nick Kennedy-Glassy Eyes(Motez remix)
10.Big Dope P-Kazfara Juke (tease)
11.Crussen-Knock it down
12.Tapesh KANT-Talking Dirty (tease)
13.Letron-In the city(tease)
14.French Horn Rebellion-Cold enough(tease)
15.Jimmy Raz-Goosed
16.Pablo Calamari, DCUP, Velicious-Boogie down
17.Blende-Fake Love(tease)
18.Lumi-Taste of Life(Ajax remix)
19.Bass Kleph-Spend my money(tease)
20.Bizzey-Down(Apster remix)
21.Bupsy-Turn back time(Groovealicious mix)
22.Jazzanova feat Ben Westbeech-I can see(Konstantin Sibold remix)
23.Disclosure-Help me lose my mind(Paul Woolford remix)
24.Princess Nya feat. Dehasse-What a night(Richard Dinsdale mix)
25.Big Dope P-Kazfara Juke (tease)
26.Haim-Falling (tease)
27.Q.G.-Six Feet Under
28.ZXX, Paul Anhony-Drink by the jug(Thug Life remix)
29.Lbck, Chuuwee-Real caviar
30.Lily Allen vs Stitch-Knock'em Out(tease)
32.Disclosure feat Jessie Ware-Confess to me
33.Jackie-In Flames
34.Daniel Craig and Tash Smith-I want you
35.Malisha Bleau-It takes two(Electrolux)
36.Coldcuts & Lorenzo-Forever
37.Andras Caron-Party People
38.Montell Jordan-Get it on tonight(tease)
39.Fatboy Slim-Wonderful Night(tease)
40.Tai-At the disco
41.Private-Everywhere(JFK MSTRKRFT remix)
42.Ill Phil, Lorenzo, Bryn Owen-Selectro
43.MIA-Pull of the people(tease)
44.Geisha Twins-Shake Dat Rump
45.Kymberley Miles-We got a love(Ryan Blyth remix)
46.Startraxx-Stomp master flex
47.Junkie XL-off the dancefloor(tease)
48.Jay Woodzy-Bumpin n Jumpin
49.Dene Anthony-The feeling
50.The ting tings-Thats not my name(tease)
51.MC Freeflow-Back Again(Houserocka remix)
52.The Freestylers-Push up(tease)
53.Zhane-Hey Mr DJ(tease)
54.LCD Soundsystem-Trials and tribulations(Tiga mix)
55.Scuola Furano, Fiorious-On fire
56.Rufus-Desert night(Motez mix)
57.The Penelopes-Summer Life(style of eye remix)
59.Hochanstaendig-A Dream of two
60.Let em Riot-The Revenant

Enjoy :)
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