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Art Official-"Mo0ving PaRTs To0" Electronic House/Indie Dance/Nudisco/Breaks

Art Official

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Art Official-Mo0ving PaRTs To0.mp3 (Download)

Mo0ving PaRTs To0 (2017)

An extra helping of digital delights
Mo0ving through all the choonz on site
Big basslines got you all freekin'
Peppered and peakin'
The sound system's speakin'!

1.Jean Bacarreza & Ross-Closer
2.N.E.O.N, Anzzor-Lights Down
3.N.E.O.N, HOLKER-Shine
4.Jaded-4000Hz(Extended Club Mix)
5.Eduardo Drumn-This Is The Way
6.Ferrer, Stoltz-Get Loud
7.Artenvielfalt-Luv It(Curry & Krawall Remix)
8.Ming-Call His Name
9.Kaskade, CID-US(Ardalan Remix)
10.Kaskade, CID-US(Extended Mix)
11.Oliver Heldens-I Don't Wanna Go Home(Moksi Remix)
13.Kinky Movement & Adaja Black-Loco Love(Animist Vocal)
14.Niko Schwind-Phreak Out
15.Anabel Englund-London Headache(Franky Rizardo Remix)
16.Childish Gambino-Redbone(Travis Emmons Remix)
19.Go Freek-Put It Down
20.Andruss-Comin' On It
21.Gene Farris, Riva Starr, Dennis Cruz-Play
22.Different Frequencies-Whatever Next?(Little Man Big Mix)
23.Mark Radford, Thee Cool Cats-Something Happens(Patrik Stedt Remix)
24.Elevator Musik-Bumpin'(Darko Remix)
26.Marc Spence-Morning After
28.Miguel Bastida-Come On Everybody(Wade Remix)
29.Monique Bingham-Gets You Off(Rocco Deep Mix)
30.Redfox-African Drunken
31.Harry Judda-Only You
32.Walker & Royce-Boy
33.GODAMN-Bright(feat. Metthod)
34.Noisesound & Arikakito-Game Over
35.Tony Romera-Feel
36.Society Haus-Sorry
37.Dennis Quin-One Frustration
38.HYBU-Antimatiere(Mella Dee Remix)
39.Felix, Brendan Reilly-Nothin' More I Need(Rrotik Remix)
41.Lil Debbie & Moski-Push
42.Stylophonic-Club Hero
43.Senor Roar-In The Ghetto
44.The Miners-Hot Shit(Lazy Bear Remix)
46.Tony Romera-What's Going On
47.Weiss-Charlie Brown
48.GAWP, Gymbo-Subfood
49.Database-Database For President(feat. Tidal Caves)
50.Database-Nights Off(feat. Tidal Caves)

Enjoy :)
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