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Art Official-"Mo0ving PaRTS" Electronic House/Indie Dance/Nudisco/Breaks

Art Official

TRIBE Member
Mo0ving PaRTs (2017)
An electronic house feast
For your ears and for your feet
Constantly moving in the desired direction
An all encompassing party injection.

1.Malikk-Electronic + Jaded-4000Hz vocal snippet
2.Psychemagik-Mink & Shoes
3.GAWP, Bang Tidy-Spoilt Rotten
4.Nytron-Feel The Fire
5.Jericho Park-Acid Love
6.Black Loops-E'Z(Kyle Watson Remix)
7.Mancodex-Ghetto Funk
8.Kendrick Lamar-Untitled(PillowTalk's Blue Faces Remix)
9.Pineapple Pop-RJCTD(Hackney Polo Club Remix)
10.Dennis Quin-Wicked Love
11.Motez-The Vibe(feat. Srcufizzer)(Endor Remix)
12.Reelow, Leroy Burgess-This is How We Do It(Tiger Stripes Remix)
13.Harry Judda-Make It Rain
14.Elomak-Mocha Blanc
15.JC Unique-Dodge The Bullet(Hands Over Your Head Mix)
16.Ariana & The Rose-In Your Bed(Weiss Remix)
17.Billy Kenny & Maximono-Hulahoop
18.Netto Buck, Alan D-Hot You
19.Chris Lake-I Want You
20.Art Official-Oliver Clothes Off
21.Kush 3D-Yo Booty
22.Sven Lochenhoer-Spooky Hallway
23.Kyle Watson-Creatures + Redlight-Metronome Acapella
24.LSTNGHT-Make Me Forget
25.Jay Robinson & JM-Hussle
26.With You.-Favorite Things(feat. Brittany Foster)
27.Andrew Rai, Jako Diaz-I Got This Feeling(feat. Angelisa)
28.Michel Godoy-Cold Sweet Love
29.Mary Jane Girls-All Night Long(Ardalan's Edit)
30.Detlef-Swagon(feat. Ossey James)
31.Kyle Walker-Avocados
32.Nolan, Bjorn Maria-Voodoo Cheeks(Jakkin Rabbit Remix)
33.Oliver-Light Years Away
34.Bellecour-She Baba
35.Bellecour-Everybody Goes
36.Alex Metric-Freek(feat. Confessionals)
37.Tom Budin-Freek(TAISUN remix)
38.Leonard Corax-Freek + Redlight & Taya-Here With Me Acapella
39.WBBL-Funksation + Metronomy, Robyn-Hang Me Out To Dry Acapella
40.Jaded-In The Morning
41.Franz Ferdinand-Evil Eye(The New Sins FREAK Version)
43.Daavar & Zeppelin, Dressel-Enjoy It
44.Kid Creme-Down And Under(feat. MC Shurakano)
45.Crystal Waters-100% Pure Love
46.Black Loops-What Ya Saying(Rough Mix)
47.Empire Of The Sun-We Are The People(Earstrip, Kvsh Version)
48.Aphex Twin-Windowlicker(Funkerman Mix)
49.Hood Rich-Lose Myself(Jay Robinson Remix)
50.Kelevra-Don't Wanna(feat. Jackdarippa)
51.Dombresky & Born Dirty-Utopia(Born Dirty Remix)
52.Marc Spence-On Air
53.MC Biscits-Real Low(Billy Kenny Remix)
54.Harry Judda-Backstage Pass
55.Elomak-Quantum Is The Code
56.Steve Darko-Dirty Sound
57.Sacha Robotti, p. keys-Plant The Seed
58.Flo.Von And Lars Karnatz-Get On The Floor

Enjoy :)
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