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Art Official-Ear Responsible(House/ElectroHouse/Indie-Dance/Nu-Disco/Pop)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Art Official, May 21, 2010.

  1. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

    Art Official--"Ear Responsible"


    Zippyshare.com - Art Official--Ear Responsible.mp3 (Left Click, the Right Click Download and Save As)

    Intro.Michael Buble-"Irresponsible"
    1.Louis La Roche-"Missin' You"
    2.Alpha Team-"Speed Racer(Hardcore Porn Mix)+Next-"Too Close"
    3.Max Sedgley-Something Special + Snoop Dogg-"The Donqueote" Acapella
    4.Theatre of Disco-"Y.O.A"(The Twelves Remix) + DJ Kool-"Let Me Clear My Throat" Acapella
    5.Sub Focus-"Move Higher" + Groove Armada-"Superstylin" Acapella
    6.Micky Slim-"Street Tuff" + Sugababes-"Push the Button" Acapella
    7.Benny Benassi-"Come Fly with Me"(Remix) + Lil' Wayne-"Let It Rock"(DJ Kue Remix) + Fresh Prince Acapella
    8.SWV-"Your the One"(Norrit Remix) + Tits n Clits-"Fist of Steel" + Pump Jackson-"MotherTruckin" Acapella
    9.Tits n Clits-"Swamp Thing"
    10.Angel Alanis-"Deputy Power" + Bad Boy Bill-"Fast Life" Acapella
    11.BBB vs Richard Humpty Vission-"Blacklight Mash"
    12.Uberzone-"Right Now" + FloRida-"Club Jump" Acapella
    13.Anavan-"Sophe Nix Get It Get It"
    14.Haggstrom-"Be My Baby"(Remix)
    15.Busta Rhymes-"Dangerous"(Decibel Remix)
    16.Amanda Blank-"Bump" + Tits n Clits-"Attack of the living dead" + Fresh Prince Acapella
    17.Dopefish-"Who Freaked Who" + Hot Mouth Acapella
    18.The Funk Out-"They Call Me Sexy"(Original Mix)" + Drake-"Over" Acapella
    19.Green Velvet feat. Santiago n Bushido-"Turn It Up"
    20.Che Dubois-"Freaky To Me"(Electric Soulside Remix)
    21.Luciana-"I Like That"(Meterhead)
    22.Max Cherry-"Crazy Steppin'+BOB-"Nothing On You" Acapella
    23.Tiesto-"Escape me"(LA Riots Remix)
    24.Tits n Clits-"Pillpopper"(Amp Jackers Tickled Ya Clit Remix)
    25.Bad Boy Bill-"Do What U Like"(Tony Arzadon Remix)
    26.Jelo and Hatiras-"Donkey Punch" + Outthere Brothers-"Shake it" Acapella + Sisqo-"The Thong Song" Acapella
    27.Blatta and Inesha-"Die Polizei" + Jean Elan-"Killer",Janet Jackson-"Girlfriend/Boyfriend",Jamie Foxx-"Can I Take U Home",Nate Dogg, SWV-"Weak",Michael Jackson-"Billy Jean",Amanda Blank-"Might Like U Better" ACAPELLAS!!
    28.The Young Punx-"Juice and Gin" + Green Velvet-"Take U Home" Acapella
    29.Ben Westbeech and Redlight-"Do It All Again"
    30.Prom Kings-"Bitches Get Down"
    31.Snob Scrilla-"Heartbreaker Scorsese"('96 Bulls Remix)
    32.Dogs Under Control-"No Control"(The Sneekers) + MIA-"Bang"
    33.The Young Punx-"SugarCandySuperNova" + BBB-"Fast Life" Acapella + Darren Mase-"Dirty Playroom" Acapella + King of Beats Acapella
    34.Discovery-"Carby"(Team Jaguar Remix)
    35.Soft Toy Emergency-"Critical"(Last Japan Remix) + Linkin Park-"Numb",Mylo-"Drop the Pressure",PlayPaul-"Leave me Amour",Daft Punk-"Around the World",Michael Jackson-"Dont stop till u get enough", La Roux-"Im not your Toy",Sisqo-"The Thong Song", ACAPELLAS!!
    36.DJ 43-"King of the Beats" + Snoop Dogg-"The Donqueote" Acapella

    106 mins (1 Hour and 46 Minutes)

  2. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

    Looking for some love..>

    Anyone enjoying this, even a little bit, lol??

    Theres lots in there for everyone..or at least i thought, the tracklist shows it all!!....does anybody comment anymore, good or bad, i will take it, lol!

    Thanks Party People,

  3. DJ elektron-

    DJ elektron- TRIBE Member

    Just downloaded,
    going on a trip,
    big fan of your mixing, I liked everything so far.
    Try to check tribe.ca once in awhile for your posts.
  4. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

    Oh Great, I hope this mix accompanies your trip nicely :)

    Im looking forward to hearing what you thought...ttys!
  5. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron Bradley TRIBE Promoter

    Hey Art!

    You have any releases on vinyl? For some reason I think I have a record of yours or something very similar sounding ???

  6. Thunder

    Thunder TRIBE Member

    i've always loved your mixes will check this out!
  7. greginhali

    greginhali TRIBE Member

    Big up! Love the mix. Steady rotation in the ipod.
  8. nikki.classics

    nikki.classics TRIBE Member

    Was listening to this again today...still love it! I've been downloading your mixes here and there for a few years, haha long time fan first time caller.
    Just wanted to come in and share the love, because you're awesome baby!

    Do you ever play clubs in Toronto? If you're ever doing a party please send me a PM and hook a sister up!
  9. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

    Im currently residing in New Brunswick, so no TO shows on the immediate horizon, unfortunately. I still have several party peeps in TO, so there will def be sometime in the near future where I will get the opp to spin a show or two, and i will certainly let u know ;)

    I appreciate the feedback guys and girls! Im lovin that this mix and others that i have put together are making you all move...thats always been the plan :)

    Stay chooned for more....

    in the meantime, i have direct links to many of my sets on this site...>

    Index of /artofficial/mixes

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
  10. gl*tch

    gl*tch TRIBE Member

    Just got around to re-listening to this!
    A tour de force.
    You know I'm sniping some of these... ;)
  11. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

    Aha...Please do, Snipe away partner!!!

    Im super pumped that you heard and dug the mix, Ryan...this warms my heart and my turntables ;)

    I hope to come visit Toronto this Summer for pride...See you then (fingers crossed) I miss the shit outta youuuuuuuuuuu (big hugs)

    A direct link to "Ear Responsible" --- http://gorfed.net/artofficial/mixes/artofficial_-_Ear_Responsible.mp3 (right click, save as)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2011
  12. JayHamilton

    JayHamilton New Member

    Link is dead hombre
  13. Art Official

    Art Official TRIBE Member

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