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Art Official-"20 Min Promo Mix"-Party House Jams

Art Official

TRIBE Member
A 20 minute blend of 14 of today's and yesterday's best party house tracks with choice edits, re-arrangements and mashups. A solid showcase of Art Official's style in a short and sweet fashion!

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/art-official/20-min-promo-mix

Direct Link: http://gorfed.net/artofficial/mixes/artofficial_-_20_Min_Promo_Mix.mp3 (right click, save as)

Art Official-R U Human (Acapella)
Freeform Five-No More Conversations(Mylo Remix)
DJ Deekline/Ed Solo-Touch Your Toes (Acapella)
Mic Line-Call Me Later (Snippet)
Tittsworth-WTF feat. Kid Sister & Pase Rock (Smoke and Mirrors remix)
Solid Groove & Sinden-Gotta Get Up (Acapella)
Mighty Mouse-In Front of our Friends feat. Monarchy (Disco Mix)
Kimbra-Settle Down (Thrillo Riley Hijack)
Private-Everywhere (JFK MSTRKRFT remix)
Ill Phil, Lorenzo feat. Bryn Owen-Selectro
MIA-Pull up the People (Acapella)
Gotsome-Bassline (Amtrac remix)
Art Official-R U Human (Acapella)
Latryx-Lady Don't Tek No (Amtrac remix)

Enjoy :)
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