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ART DXR-Elite Digital Delay/Multi-FX for sale


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ART DXR-Elite Digital Delay/Multi-FX for sale:

This is a nice little unit that I have up for sale. Good for syncable delays (it has MIDI IN/Thru), chorus and flange. There are 8 banks of presets @10 presets each (I think - I'm being conservative). You can also store your own settings if you wish.
The display is a standard 3 digit LED display. It's a 1U rack mountable unit.

The unit is in good working order and has sat in a smoke free studio for most of its life. I also have the original manual.

$100 plus shipping. I'm in the K-W region so if you'd like to save yourself shipping, you're welcome to pick it up.

Past buyer references available upon request.

Please either leave a post in here or email me at loopdokter@rogers.com


Jay K.
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Because I'm broke (the story of my life) and I don't use it. I'd rather it go to someone who would use it than it just sit in my studio as an oversized door stop. Not that it's acting a door stop mind you...
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It ain't that old

I'm guessing 10 years? I'm not sure to be honest.

But it works fine and looks fine too.