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Art Deco/Flapper Girl

Temper Tantrum

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So I'm doing a photo shoot in the new year for an Art Deco themed/Flapper girl type thing and I need to get my hands on a flapper girl type dress....or any sort of art deco motif themed costumes as I'm going to need about 5 different ones for the photo shoot. If anyone has one they'd be willing to lend me, or could point me in the direciton of somewhere to acquire them i'd be MOST grateful :)

Also, i need to get my hair cut in a flapper girl style, any website suggestions where to get look at some pics? :)


Malabar has flapper dresses, and perhaps other fashions from the era. Might also want to try some of the more specialized/high-end vintage stores.

For images, try images.google.com and look up people like Louise Brooks (the classic flapper bob), Clara Bow and Mary Pickford. Sometimes even just putting in a word like "flapper" will bring up something useful. Also, the artist Tamara de Lempicka did Art Deco portraits of sexy women.

edit: just looked up flapper in Google images and there are tons of results.

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Originally posted by squirrely
what is this for, allie? it's almost as much fun to research as polar bears and miniature animals

Miniature elephants are especially important to research.
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