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Arrival Festival in Montréal anyone ?

Le Rêveur

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Just wondering if anyone went to this party.

I really wanted to go, but was not able to make it...

I heard much hype about this annual event in the past... more mature crowd, well organized etc... (I F#$%?'N should have gone there instead of wemf this year!)

J'attends avec impatience un p'tit compte-rendu
Merci Bien !
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Wasn't this year only a one day thing instead of a three day festival? And wasn't it indoors?

Last year it was amazing, we had such a great time, but I wasn't willing to hit it up again if it wasn't a whole weekend event.



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Yeah this one went by pretty quietly. I was planning on going but the whole thing sounded shady this year, and knowing Montreal's record for last minute party cancellations I wasn't willing to risk it.