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Armand Van Helden & others @ Da Dock's


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Please tell me it was really bad, the place was packed, the people were sketchy and Armand was a big fat train-wrecking loser.
Cuz I decided not to go. :(

HOW WAS IT? *hands to my ears*


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Home early because I have the server to configure.

Tons of hotties - whatever your persuasion, wicked audio, and Bad Boy Bill was driving everyone into a total frenzy as I was leaving.


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Like alexd said, it was a great party. I'll post a full review in the morning. I need to sleep, work in 5 hours.


Smiley Jo

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Originally posted by alexd
Bad Boy Bill was driving everyone into a total frenzy as I was leaving.





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I decided to go last minute, and it was no dissapointment. Yes, parts of the crowd might have been amusing, but all together too many beautifull girls to complain. Plus so many faces that I haven't seen in ages, they kept popping up all night long.
Bad Boy Bill stole the show.. hard set, but very suiting.

That's it for now.
I'm taking up smoking (Benson & Hedges) again ;)
Good Night
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Just got in. Thanks for the tickets Alexd, and the VIP part of em came in handy when Tall Paul came on and I wanted to sit my ass down.

Yep, as has been said, Bad Boy Bill tore the shit outta the place. His scratching and the volume of his set was the key to the frenzy. Awesome to behold.

Armand Van Helden was pretty solid too. I thought his set was great.

I heard one Tall Paul track as we were leaving and I really liked it, but I'm just not much of one for trance, so I sat in the VIP room and chatted with maid marian. Ruckus was wicked in there. What was not wicked was the bitch who, after accidentally snubbing her cigarette in my arm, had the audacity to give me attitude for fucking up her cigarette.

Ken Jordan sucked large and didn't take the crowd anywhere. So boring.

Missed Darren Christian altogether.

Not gonna go into a huge shout out list, but it was great to finally meet =ravetrash=, Juice and tella. Awesome as always to hang with the rest of ya. Where were the other 2 Natalies??

And now I begin work. :)


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WOW!!! :eek: all i can say is THAT right now. I had too much fun for words :DI'm Posting my review later becuz i don't know how to describe how wicked the night was yet. :D



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Great party. Good crowd.

To quote ChROmEson & Hedges, "Armand Van Helden brought the big party tracks"

He was good. Played a lot harder than I thought he would.

Had to go back to work, so left just as BBB was coming on and hence thankfully missed Tall Paul.

Dr. Grinch

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At work.. so hurting.. so happy though..
Essentially I agree with everything everyone else has said.. This was a sick party all the way!

Ken Jordan can jump up my ass cause he was boring until the very end, but Armand and Bill tore the roof off the fucking Docks.

Place wasn't too crowded, which was awesome cause there was plenty of room to let the feet do their work. The women there were for the most part absolutely gorgeous. The sound was killer, especially during Bad Boy Bill. My ears are still ringing.

Amazing DJ'ing by Bill, especially the wicked scratching and then dropping bobmbs on the crowd.. ugh, so tight..

Everything about this party was fantastic. Good show by Goldclub for sure.

Special_K: Nice to meet you Carlos!

Only 8 hours of work till i can go home and sleep now!
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Arrived at the Docks about 10:15, and waited a few minutes in that freezing weather to get in. Not that long of a wait, but it was cold enough to feel like a long time :D

Got in and was really surprised to see the Docks lit up and decorated so nicely. I’m used to it being so dark and “rave” looking. It was a really nice touch and I liked it a lot more than what it usually looks like.

Proceeded to the back to check my coat, and it was nice to be there early and avoid any coat check line-ups. Darren Christian was spinning a nice blend of funky house. A good set to start off the night, when I first walked in, he wasn’t totally doing it for me. And technically not 100%, but he made up for it when the place started to fill up slowly. I figured he wasn’t totally into it, since he was playing for very few people. But overall he was very funky and I enjoyed dancing when I had plenty of room to.

After Darren, Ken Jordan was up playing some breaks. A really weird set to be put in the middle of two house sets. And it was a pretty good set IMO. But it wasn’t in place. And the crowd didn’t seem to totally enjoy it. I also over heard a few people in the washroom during his set stating “What the hell kind of music is this?” I was a little disappointed that people can be that un-informed and closed minded, but it happens at an event like this. Most people knew 2 of the DJs just because of their name. Overall it was a good set, but just didn’t fit in with the night filled with house. And I dont' think he deserved the slack he got.

Next up on the decks was the man I came to check out, Mr. Van Helden. I had no clue what to expect, over the years I’ve heard various CDs, Productions, etc and it seemed fine. But I never know what to expect from the bigger producers as DJs. I found the first half hour of his set rocking and I was enjoying it a lot. But around the middle he seemed to get a little boring. And in about the last 20 minutes he picked it up back up and finished off with Fat Boy Slim – Retox (Dave Clarke Mix) and I was happy to hear that track on a large system…

Bad Boy Bill and his groupies showed up as Retox was being finished up, and Bill started playing with the good ole DJM and the EFX and cut up Retox nicely. I must say Bill knows how to use the mixer like not many others.
He started his set with some hard and funky house like he’s been playing likely. And he did his typical Scratching and his Bad Boy Bill name dropping dubplates. I think this is why most people remember his name, as he scratches it up a good 3 times at least during most of his sets. His mixing and track selection was getting the crowd hyped, but he just hasn’t been doing it for me lately. But he seems to get the crowd moving most of the time.

About 30-40 minutes into his set I decided it was time to leave, as I had to work the next morning and I wanted to be in bed by 4am :D

Overall it was a great party, it brought a wide range of people out. And I liked the look of the Docks, but I’m not sure of the “vibe” in these type of events.

Thanks to B&H for bringing amazing talent to Toronto for very affordable prices. I hope to see more parties like this in the future, especially this summer.

It was nice seeing the normal Tribe people here and there… no names to be mentioned you know who you are. And thanks Amir for the Media Pass, got some nice pictures and will be posting them later tonight.

pr0nstar :D


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that was rough.. bed at 4ish.. up at 8 for work.... i think i'm on a rev/guarana high though:)

That was a freakin blast last night..... when i'm sober and excited I jump up and down against the friend beside me.. ask nick/twitch.. i was jumpin!!! hahaaha (memories of smirnoff!)

I enjoyed ken jordans breaks set (what?!!?!)... Armand had a nice and hard set goin too... no complaints there... BBB... his usual self except my god did he crank the volume.. my ears will be ringin for days :)

Holy haven't seen so many beautiful women in one place since i went to las vegas... the only thing missin was my grrl cri :)

Thanks to nick/twitch, pr0nstar, Ninja :), Jay, Chris, Louis, and special special thanks to Preskool for puttin up with my jumpin:)



p.s. thanks laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ken Jordan who?!

F-U-N! I should be sleeping right now...but I can't...damn Tim Horton's irresistable coffee...so yeah DJ's as they were:

Ken Jordan of Crystal Method was SHITE
Terrible mixing, if any...as LostintheEhole had said in the car-ride home, something along the lines of Ken Jordan having to bring in a track three times and still not being successful in mixing it in...that's just bad....His tracks weren't bad, he just didn't have flow.

Darren Christian was on first which sucked because he should have been on in Ken's spot and Ken gone first..
Darren Christian was great! I can't wait til his next gig in Tdot.

Armand van Heldon had nice pounding tracks, mixing was meh, but he had the crowd goin' good. He definitely got them warmed up for Bill

Bad Boy Bill,wow, it my first time seeing him and I was definitely impressed. He had solid mixes, good flow and some sweet hard-ass tunes.

Tall Paul played harder than I expected, but sounded good despite me being too tired to dance, and being 'entranced' by the conversational skills of Joshua the Tearer.;)

The VIP room was all good too though I missed most of John E, but he was good for the few mixes I heard...

Myka, well he has never disappointed me, always good tunes and solid set overall! Impressed I was :)

Ruckus is the man as he never disappoints! Wows me evrytime, though I've seen at least 30 times

So yeah I had fun! ;)
It was nice to hang with smilin' ALEX D. Thanks for the quick snap of me 'n Blueker! :)

It was great meeting Simon -ravetrash- thanks to Josh for the introduction.

I'm losing points IQ and sleep should go I now...but no tiredness I got...he he.
24 hours 43mins and going.


Special K

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i was there last night

dont remember too much thanks to my good friend jagermeister

mmmm jager!!!


it was cool meeting dr grinch and tella??? or natalie??? lol im lost...

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After thinking over Ken Jordan's set, I've come to the conclusion that his set wasn't entirerly shite.... I was just being picky. I like the tunes and the crowd seemed to enjoy it for the most part, so... perhaps he'd be better the next time around.



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*Punches self over and over again*

With 4 labs due and a review paper, there was no way I could attend.

Damn... missed Bad Boy Bill again.

Joker FX Cha

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This Party made me want to buy a pack of B&H. Just to show respect for a wicked time.
Everything was awesome. Which allowed me to have an awesome time!

Who was up first? - mehh
Ken - mehh, studio for you.
Armand - WOW!
BBB - WOW! (always)
Paul - missed

There were zOOmers everywhere.

JanIce, Love you. I'll grab your ass more next time.

breakz_btch, Sssssshhhhhh, keep walking.


*+lady bass+*

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:)awesome night

Man...i had an awesome night last night...!
I kept thinking, what am I going to reply with on the message boards today and I had all of these awesome things to say, but somehow 2 hours sleep and working the next morning takes all of your creative thoughts away:)lol

anyways, the vibe at this party was wicked last night! everyone was dancing and having a wicked time. everywhere i looked, there were smiling faces!:) it was good to see a lot of people i hadnt seen in a while too:)

have to say b&h really know how to throw an awesome party! cant believe that next week is Hybrid too! chances are you will see another sketchy post like this one, same time next week, lol.

the music was really good, from all the djs, but like other replies to this post have said, the mixing was a little off at times.

bad boy bills scratching makes up for it all though!:) man, i love watching that guy play.:)

as for the docks as a venue, for future parties there, they should definitely work on the sound. i know that wintergalactic always sounds amazing at the docks (and that is all one room), but last night, when the second half of the room opened up and you stood back there, all mixes sounded like train wrecks because of the way the speakers were set up, etc....if they fixed that problem, it would be great.

they could also ease up on the dry ice a little too:)lol...but i guess benson & hedges like the "smoke" effect:)lol

anyways, thanks again for an awesome party.

same time next week...we shall see.

Lady Bass

orange richie

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Didn't go cuz I had to go to work and I went out Wed. but..

Judging from the reviews, I'm really happy to here that Armand got his DJ'ing skills up to par with his producing. When I saw him 3 years ago @ Connected his tracks were awsome but his mixing lacked. Glad to here it was a good night and you all had a blast!

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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hey rich

his first couple mixes were a little malglo-ish... but then he cleaned up his act for the most part ;)



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What did Armand play? Any specific tracks that stood out? And what time did he come on?

I am so jealous of all of you. Jo said it best, "pouts."


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Just like to know.. you think not paying cover makes you have a better time, because you saved money ?


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Re: hmm

Originally posted by Jinxx
Just like to know.. you think not paying cover makes you have a better time, because you saved money ?

I don't know, true and not true.
I'd pay a lot to see DJs I want to see and enjoy seeing.
Then there are some DJs I could care less if I see, because I've seen them so many times.

Like Bad Boy last night, I enjoy his stuff, but I've seen him about 5 times now, and it's not the same as the first time you see a big DJ.

But money is money, it comes and goes. It's nice to save cover and spend it on drinks for yourself and friends if that's the case :D



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what a GREAT night! i'm not even into house or whatever it was they were playing last night but i had a wicked time.

special k..was nice to meet you! and TEARER....i'm so sorry we had to meet when we did...shoulda caught up with eachother earlier in the night. was also a treat to see will and ivan. i heard pest was lurking about but i never actually got to meet him!

armand van helden was AMAZING. buildup after buildup after buildup had everyone pounding their fists. it was my first time seeing bad boy bill and he was also quite good. "do you like pussy...do you like to eat pussy? do you like the taste of pussy?". ahahhaa. the guy from the crystal method was kinda blah-y. his set sounded extremely redundant to me.

very eclectic crowd out but everyone smelled pretty and looked nice and they were all obviously out for the same reasons..to have a great time. the vibe definitely wasn't lacking!

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