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Armand, Crystal Method - MARCH 21


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Da Docks once again.
Armand is what got me into all that "thump thump thump" stuff. He's probably the only guy who produces that stuff and I will tolerate and actually like it.

I love his recent stuff and his old stuff brings back good memories. I missed him at Mekka this year, ahem, so this is my chance.

Yay for speed garage, breaks and the "thump thump thump."

Who else is goin'?
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I'm coming! I'm coming! Reeelaaaaaax!!!
Amir I have a question, is Ruckus playing in the side or back room?



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He's playing in the VIP room alongside MYKA and JOHN E.
It's the little room likely where Switch and Satori played during Bittersweet.

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This was supposed to be my weekend of resting in between all the crazy parties that are coming up.....I'm undecided.

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jus me

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Uh-oh. It seems we all have the same pumas. :eek: Word of caution, the leather of the back heels starts to crack after use (I just noticed mine after over a year).

Well, I will be there. So will my pumas and Rob of course.:p

See you there!


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Originally posted by air-bag
i'm there

juice do u have pumas like sunny's? coz i do too! :)
Apparently I do, he thought I stole the last pair at a certain store but I did no such thing :) I might no wear them though since we'll all have to stay on other sides of the room hah.
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