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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by alexd, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    no vibe
    moby's audio was terrible if you were in the crowd but sounded great from Polson St.

    SFX policy of having a person with a clipboard follow you around if you had a photopass was really stupid. Being limited to 'taking photos during the first three ''songs'' of the artist's set had clipboard girl really confused - she couldn't tell where one ''song'' ended and the other began with the DJs.

    Banning cameras from the venue is a typical concert promoter strategy but is not at all appropriate for electronic music. It is important for electronic music event attendees to take pictures of themeselves - it adds to the experience.

    moby was better when he was a sprout playing at 23 hop on richmond st.

    I hope these vibeless corporate things ain't the future of our scene, because if it is, I'm going surfing.
  2. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    I had thart feeling about the party since I heard of it.
    No offence to anyone who likes those sorts of things but I thought the idea was lame.

    Moby is amazing live, last time I saw him was at The Warehouse and he even broke out a few punk songs.

    I'm not at all surprised with this vibeless commercial rave wannabee party.

    How was attendance?

  3. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    i think they sold 8000 tickets. with freebies, support staff, and clipboard girls, maybe 10k. Not nearly the 17,000 that was at freakin' 2 years ago.

    PS, ER, those glasses suit you [​IMG]
  4. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter


    I guess that means I should save my $$ and skip Mekka huh?

    How was security Alex?
  5. koz

    koz TRIBE Member

    hootie hoo, bless their stank asses.

    I found out that the Roots were a no show as soon as I got in and that really pissed me off. But damn, OutKast more than made up for it, with an amazing performance. Made my way up to the front right after Incubus's performance and had to wait 45 mins while they setup. But as soon as I saw Big Boi and Andre come on stage, it was only me and the Atliens. I can't remember what track they started off with but it certainly got me very hyper. Andre dressed in his signature blond wig, reflective shades and pink...costume thing, rocked the mic hard on Aquemini. Dropping "one of the illest verses of all times". Big Boi was tearing shit up his own way, with Dungeon Family stiched across the back of his overalls he repped the dirty south to the fullest. Tracks performed, Atliens, Aquemini, So Fresh and So clean, Humble mumble, Spaghetti Junction, gasoline dreams, art of story tellin part 1, bombs over baghdad. I wish they had dropped at least on track of their first album though. Stage setup looked really sharp, from the excellent lighting to sharp sound up front.

    As for the rest of the show, Rhincerose were interesting, didn't really get too see too much of them though. Caught the end of New Deals set and they sounded pretty good. Caught a big of Kevin Saunderson he was pumping those basslines pretty hard. Watched Carl Cox for about 20 mins, he had the crowd really hype but I wasn't really into what he was playing. The Docks looked excellent. Nice setup with the screens everywhere and excellent lighting. It was really packed though and was a bitch to navigate.
    Mobys set was pretty good, excellent lighting. He looked like a monkey on speed, jumping around from one instrument to another and at one point jumping into the crowd! Had people pretty entertained.
    The crowd seemed chilled, not overly friendly or rude. Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing and having a good time. All in all a pretty descent show.


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  6. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

    Security was nothing. Walked through a bunch of checkpoints but I was never searched. Wish I had brought my camera.

    Having the inside of the docks with capacity 2800 as the second area was BULLSHIT.

    We tried to see the Orb. We waited in line for over TWO HOURS to try and get in that fucking second room without luck. Nobody would tell us what was going on, they told us to wait until we got to the front to get to management, etc. etc. We were just getting yanked around.

    So we went and bitched for management until they *FINALLY* gave us the name of the production manager (after talking to like 6 security guards and 3 cops).. not that it will do much to write, however.

    What a mess!

    PS- Alex; said hi to you but you just looked at me funny.
  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    It was 73 dollars.
    It rained really hard BEFORE it got really hot.
    Moby was okay. He talks too much. The Warehouse show was spectacular. I had the same feeling as when I go see musicals at his Area One set.
    Incubus. *cough*
    The New Deal. *cough again*
    Carl Cox took 45 minutes in the heat to get in. By the time we got in, he was just saying goodbye to the crowd.
    The Orb sucked. I rather listen to their old cds.
    There was no room to really dance.
    The venue was confusing and really boring to walk around in. I didn't see the AIDS or Greenpeace booths as promised.
    Beer was $6.50 a can.
    The Roots (probably the best act they had) were supposedly stuck in Florida so they were a no-show.
    The vibe was good but the actual people were boring. Everyone was so... dull to talk to.
    All the toilets were full of vomit and shit.
    People were extra shovey and didn't even dance. They just stood around so there was no room to go nuts.
    Moby's sound.

    The pizza.
    The free Area One glo-stix.
    Seeing so many Tribe people. Hello again to Patio-D, I-lix, Basic, McBee, Sean, Dora, Pronstar and Brian.
    The Labatt staff were REALLY nice.
    OUTKAST! OMG, was that ever amazing! But it was too short.
    The Benson and Hedges girls in the gold hot pants. A gay guy can dream, can't he? [​IMG]
  8. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Uh, NO! Another "good" to add to my list:
    The constant handing out of Mekka flyers at Area One to remind me that I have Mekka to make up for this. Mekka's only $63 if you get the early bird. And look at the set-up and the lineup!
  9. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    This event was awsome!

    I arrived at the event at around 3:30, no line up, and no searches. I entered inside the docks to find a pumping crowd with Mr Kevin Saunderson on the decks. Then Carl Cox stepped up to get the crowd pumping with his hard techno styles. It amazed me inside the docks to see such a crazy crowd on a sunday afternoon.

    Then I ventured to the out doors to catch incubus. What a talented rock band with a great dj to back up the beats.

    Then Outkast came on getting the whole crowd to put there arms in the air and dancing. By far I think Outkast was the best act of the day.

    Then Moby, which had a full on lightshow and big concert style stage set up. Sound could have been a little better but again the lightshow made up for it.

    I was happy that a bought a ticket for this event. Weather was nice, downtown location, and the hottest girls I have seen in once place in a long time. Only complaint was the lineup to get in the inside of the docks.

    Area One again next year!

    evolve<----Can dig the big Corperate events!
  10. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    alright, first off, i didn't pay for this so my review might be a bit biased, but man i had a wicked time...it seemed like i avoided the crowds at just the right moments as i saw everyone i wanted to see....started off walking in the rain when i got there, so i figured this was just going to blow...went straight into the side stage (the inside of the docks) to see the local guy (sorry, forgot his name) throwing down some funkay house...first thing i noticed about the inside was the setup, i could not recognize it as the docks...the video screens, the star like lights on the wall, very cool!...next up was kevin saunderson, dude was pumping out some phat beats, at points the bassline was so thunderous i was getting a headache, soooooo....i decided to head outside to see who was playing...caught about a half hour of rhinocerose, man those guys are good! i'd never seen/heard them before, and i was kind of dissappointed at first because i thought i missed them as they were supposed to be in the side stage, but there they were outside...they were really funky but the crowd just wasn't into it yet, altho i was dancing there by myself, but whatever, it was good...after they ended i headed back inside to check out carl cox...got in line for about 10 mins only (sorry for those of you who waited forever) and when i got in, man dude already had the crowd going nuts! this guy knows how to put on a show! he played some mad house/techno type stuff, let's just call it pounding for lack of a better description...he was so into it, he'd get on the mic every 10 mins or so and pump up the crowd then throw down some even harder stuff...i was dancing so hard i had to take a break so i sat on the bar, only to be told to get off it 5 mins later by the security guy...rats...next up, the orb...well, the giant orb was definitely trippy, but their music was too, a little too much for my taste...so after 45 mins decided to head out for outkast, SO NOT DISAPPOINTED! i didn't know what to expect, as i haven't heard a lot of their stuff, only what my friend has played for me, he's a crazy outkast fan, and they were so ON! i loved it when they played so fresh and so clean, just really dig that tune...then, to end the night off, moby...okay, the lights that came off that stage were insane, by far the best visuals i've ever seen in my life...only thing i've ever seen come close was connected 2000...but back to the music, he played a lot of stuff i hadn't heard before, such as his "rave anthems", but whatever, i loved it....i guess i'm not as dissappointed as others here cause i went in with absolutely zero expectations and had free tickets, but still, i had a wikked time and i came away feeling great, guess it was just a matter of avoiding the huge lines...
  11. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    how was oakenfold? did he "misplace" his records again?
  12. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    Yeah...did Oakey put on a sad display of musical programming like he did at Tonic?
  13. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    i, like many others, left the side stage to watch outkast, as they were on at the same time as oakenfold.
  14. Jazz

    Jazz TRIBE Member

    First off, cheers to Vinder for hooking me up with the extra ticket he won from Tribe... I owe ya a pint! [​IMG]

    Negative: Not much really, I felt bad for all the Roots fans who got the shaft but I wasn't there to see them so I wasn't too disappointed. The only other negative was that the event was pretty disorganized, show/set times were all over the place. As soon as I got there and saw the set up, I knew there would be huge delays getting into the Ford Focus Side "Tent" (the docks niteclub) to see all the DJ's. Luckily we got in right as Carl Cox went on and didn't have to line up for to long, but later on the line up was insane.

    Positive: Carl Cox threw down an amazing set, Rinocerose were a nice surprise, Kevin Saunderson had me moving, OutKast got me hyped up and Moby was definitely an experience. Also, loved the surreal setting, being on the water, the sun setting, with downtown T.O. as a backdrop, very nice after smoking a J.

    Overall: A thumbs up, definitely got me hyped up for Mekka in a couple of weeks.
  15. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Oakenfold was packed - they closed entry to the room completely. From others accounts he played every big tune as expected - nothing new or adventurous, but hey, that ain't what he's known for.

    While waiting in line for the second room was incredibly ridiculous, Moby made my night tolerable with a action packed show displaying just how versitile a musician he really is. (he ran between keyboards, an electric guitar, the mic and bongo's).
    He even let loose a few old rave anthems like 'Go', 'Feeling So Real' and the fastest song ever recorded.

    Poorly organized, but fun.

  16. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    that's too funny.

  17. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    good to hear it sucked, I was really starting to regret not going
  18. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    it didnt suck, it was wicked in my books!

    big ass sound systems, and not a whole bunch of sketchers running around. Sexy ladies, and top notch music acts.

    can't beat it, expecially on a sunday afternoon!

    evolve<--- happy, but tired camper today!
  19. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    it didn't suck. i had a great time.
  20. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    I never planned on going to AreaOne (the lineup, other than Carl Cox & the Roots didn't really jump out at me enough to pay 75 bucks) - I ended up winning tickets...Overall I think I would say that if I had paid I would have been pissed off for two reasons...
    1-the roots didnt show up - outkast had a cool stage show but their rhymes aren't my thing...it was advertised even on Saturday that they would be there - the promoters should have been more straight up there...
    2-Having used the Docks as a Second Stage...Now don't get me wrong, the lighting/sound in there was pretty crazy - but the fact that you had to funnel yourself in through a VERY large and disorganzied line (where did it start?) meant that you couldn't come and go as you pleased - If the second stage actually was an outside stage, it would have been better...I feel bad for everyone who had paid 75 bucks just to see Oakenfold (I'm sure there were plenty of those)...

    With that being said, I did have a really fun time overall...It rained pretty savagely when we first got there, but we were lucky enough to snake a table in the 19+ area that had an umbrella, so luckily only a bit of my butt got wet...Rinocerose started off the day with a live super funky housey set - I heard a bunch of tracks I knew, but hadn't realized it was them who had done them - definetely the surprise of the day...Caught a bit of the New Deal while waiting 45 minutes in line to get inside - they were allright but we were more worried about getting through the stupid line to hear Carl Cox...Going from outside to inside was a weird but cool experience - it felt walking into 3am at a rave - it was packed and everyone was going nuts...at that point, Carl Cox was on the decks...and by far he threw down the tunes of the day for me (although due to the line we only saw 45 minutes of him)...At that point we moved outside and caught a bit of Incubus - I had been curious to see them but they ended up being alot wussier than I expected...After that, Outkast came on...and then we decided to beat the rush and head out (I am not a fan of Moby at all)...
    As far as the crowd goes, it was exactly what I was expecting...mixing Moby/Outkast lineup with WEMF (which kept alot of partiers away) meant that it was more of a tragically hip/concert crowd (I can sum it up by saying that I ran into more hicks from my old high school there than people I know from Toronto)...The surprising thing was how many of them seemed to be all fucked up on drugs, especially inside...
    In then end it was a fun day out in the sun - I went with wicked people as well which probably helped alot! I would expect Mekka to be a much different experience - a less mainstream crowd and better organization...
  21. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    Well in the words of Alexd "I'm not really sure what to make this"

    First off I was blown away by the total lack of searching, they let people walk right on through with bags and everything.. just sort of glanced in and said go ahead.. they didn't even stop me...just waved me through!!!
    I was very much looking forward to event and came out a bit dissapointed..only a bit though.
    got there at about 3:45 to see rhinocerose play.. they were cool...I wanted to see the New Deal but Cox was on soon.
    Got into the docks maybe 5 minutes into Coxys set...he blew the roof of...if at anypoint at that event would I say there was any vibe it was certainly then....as little room I had I danced and bobbed as hard as I could...he had the crowd pumped and just kept the place going....everyone around me (at the front) were all smiles and dancing. I was also quite surprised by how polite people were..anyway..
    The Orb were great..I've been a huge fan for a long time, but I don't think an hour was enough time....they seemed a bit rushed..playing little fluffy clouds first....

    Oakey came on after people actually chanting "Oakey Oakey" . I did little more then move my head a bit to the music and got bored really fast...so went outside. Saw the last little part of Outkast..and moving through the crowd during "Miss jackson" made me feel like I was in some top 40 club for a minute..not sure why.

    The end highlight for me was meeting and having conversation with Mr Alex D...again nice to meet you Alex!

    TBK I saw : Mcbee walked by me, and was standing behind Norm (that 420 guy) for quite sometime... I'm sort of shy though so kept to myself...

    Anyway, I hope Mekka will make up for this one...However I am content with paying that money to have seen Cox and the Orb.


  22. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    a strange "big" moment during Carls set was the screens behind him going crazy with images and then stop on a screen with simple read Got K? croud went balistic
  23. 123fakest

    123fakest TRIBE Member

    I don't understand why everyone is complaining that this thing sucked. I thought it was amazing! You have the realize it's an outdoor music festival and you may not see everyone you hoped. Plan ahead, if you wanted to get inside, you should have realized that it was going to take a while, seeing as there were 10,000 ppl there or something.

    The rain cleared up just in time for Rinocerose. They were great but the crowd wasn't really into it. The New Deal was next, left half way through 'cause I didn't want to miss Carl Cox or Oakenfold and I knew it'd be insane getting in. Caught the last 20 min of Carl Cox. It was crazy in there! The place was rammed and insane. ppl were going nuts. We found some room at the back and it wasn't so bad, at least you could move around. Things slowed down a bit for The Orb, but apparently they were pretty good.

    Oakenfold came on next and it was well worth the wait. Again you couldn't move if you were up near the front. Everyone in the whole place was really into it. Really good vibe. You could tell he was luvin' it. We stayed near the back and there was more room to dance. Really good show. Typical stuff with some new stuff too. Played some breaks which was cool. Everyone went crazy when he finished. Left just in time to see most of Moby. Again, another amazing show. Incredible lights, sound was good, and from where i was so were the ppl. He played some older stuff and an Leonard Skinner cover which was fun.

    All in all it was a great show. Sorry to all those who had a crappy time, you missed a great party.
  24. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    Plan ahead? You basically had to "plan" to miss one entire half of one stage, or one entire half of the other if you wanted to see anyone of note...I understand that if you wanted to see Oakenfold, you should have realized the lineup was huge and gone in earlier...And as cool as having a rave going on inside the Docks was, it was a logistical nightmare (and one borne of poor planning by the promoters)...This party cost 75 dollars (more even than WEMF) - these sort of major planning glitches SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, especially having to close the Docks off and leave a huge lineup of people wanting to see Oakenfold shit out of luck...I know you can't be in two places at once, but you should have the option of drifting and catching half of any one act and half of another (as has been the case at every single other large 10'000+ music festival that have been to, which number in the plenty)...And what if you wanted to see Outkast AND Oakenfold? They were NOT on at the same time - in fact Outkast was on @ 7 and Oakie went on at 9, two hours difference, a more than reasonable assumption that there shouldn't be any problem whatsoever...But yet you couldn't have done that, which is RIDICULOUS...I have been to events at the Docks where there has been two stages outside and it worked fine...

    Once again I wasn't THAT stoked on the lineup, so missing a few acts didn't bother me (read: I DID have a rad time) but if I had paid I would have been pissed off, and left wondering how much of my money had been wasted on paying whoever organized the layout...
  25. stargurl*

    stargurl* TRIBE Member

    Plan? First of all, we shouldn't have had to plan. You don't have the second room with a capacity of maybe 1/4 the total audience. I waited over 2 hours in that lineup and never got in and therefore missed one of three acts (orb) that I actually wanted to see.

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