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Area: One - Detroit

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Guest, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    left for Detroit at around 10am yesterday morning(Tuesday). The drive was hell. The air conditioning in my car broke so we basically baked for 5+ hours. 92 degree heat and no air conditioning makes for one hot car.

    We arrived at the venue at about 3:15pm. It was at the DTE Energy Music theatre. It like a cross between molson park and the molson amphitheatre.
    We went up to the box office to get the tickets and all-access passes that were waiting for us. At this point we were really hyped.

    First thing I did when I got in was buy a beer, too bad it was $7 US. That's like $11 canadian. I had planned on getting absolutly wasted, but seeing as I was on very limited funds and beer was almost the price of a pitcher at a bar, I soon realized that wasn't going to happen.

    This place worked the same at the molson amphitheatre. There was assigned seating at the front and general addmission on the grass. We got hooked up large. 5th row almost center stage right on the aisle.
    It was Nelly Fertado's road manager that hooked us up with everything so we ended up sitting her cheering section I guess. As it turns out all the people sitting beside us were her family. her mother, father, brothers and sisters etc... all came down from toronto to see the show.

    Nelly was the first to go on. I must say that I'm not a very big fan of her music, but she's got talent that's for sure, and she's pretty hot in person. In addition lil jazz is her tour DJ. Id diin't know this. anyway, he put on a really good show in between some of the songs.

    After her set we decided it was time to venture over to the dance tent. It was air conditioned and since it was well over 100 degrees out with the humidity, it was like a god send. Kevin Saunderson was on when we got there, and he was tearing it up. one of the first things I noticed was Carl Cox and a few little kids behind him jumping around dancing and just going mental.

    After a bout 20 minutes the man I most wanted to see stepped up to the decks. It was off the hook! I couldn't stop dancing. Connsidering it was the middle of the afternoon and I was sober that must mean his set was damn good. We didn't stay for the whole set because we also wanted to see the roonts who were on at the same time.

    The Roots were crazy. I'm not much of a fan of theres. I have none of there CD's, I don't know there names, I don't know the names of any songs(although I know the songs), but I really like their music. I had a lot of good things about them and they didn't disapoint. I just wish that they weren't on at the same time as carl cox.

    Once the roots were done we decided it was time to check out the backstage area. Much to our surprise the wouldn't let us back. As it turns out, out passes were all access but only as long we were with somebody that was on the crew, an escort if you will. Since our friend was there working he was busy and we couldn't find him, so were out of luck. regardless, it didn't really make that much of a difference. We were just hoping to get some free food and drinks.

    we went back to our seats and waited for the next act. Incubus. people were tellign me that they were the band to see on this tour, but I wasn't really into them.

    At this point the place was packed. The show was supposedly sold out which was about 25 000 people, and they were all going nuts.

    we went back to the dance tent just in time for cockenfold. I really don't like his music. To fluffy, and he can't mix. Thing is peole were going nuts for him. Everyone was jumping all over the place with their hands in the air. They're absolutly clueless. I'm starting to wonder if americans have bad hearing or something, cause what I heard sucked. We stayed for all of 10 minutes then went back to the main stage, but stopped for food on the way.

    When we got there Outkast was on. It seemed like there wasn't an empty seat of peice of grass in the place. I've never sean anything like it, and from what I hear it was nothing like the toronto show. Every single person in the place was on their feet dancing and just going mental. Outkast were actually all right. They had some dancers running though some routines, and just kept hyping the crowd up. I actually enjoyed their set and even was dancing. If you know me, you know I rarly dance to hip hop and especially not commercial stuff like that.

    We ended up leaving after Outkast because my friend wasn't feeling to good. So we missed Moby who was one of the main reasons I went.
    on the way back when we crossed the border the customs officer who was actually a rather young attractive woman asked us where we were coming from. When I said a concert she was like "area: one?, how was it". She then told us how she really wanted to go to that and was pissed cause she had to work. I found that rather amusing. She was cool though. I wish more customs officials were like that.

    All in all I had a wicked day. The music was great and the people were all right to, although we did see some guy punch a girl in the face. I don't understand how they could get 25 000 people out to one of two shows and only 8500 show up in Toronto?
    The vibe was incredible, everyone was having a blast, dacing all oveer the place and going nuts. I'm thinking about going down there for their mekka show. Theirs ends at 4am to unlike ours which ends at 11pm.
    so ya, good times were had by all.
  2. stanimal

    stanimal TRIBE Member

    great review!

    i'll be hitting up the area one festival in l.a. in a couple weeks. hopefully the vibe there will be as good as you experienced in detroit!
  3. Beats

    Beats TRIBE Member

    Good review Evan,

    You pretty much summed up everything that day...but dont forget the 400 pound man rolling down the hill and the dickhead ushers who kept confiscating the beach balls.


  4. DJ Entity

    DJ Entity TRIBE Member

  5. bucky

    bucky TRIBE Member

    people love Oakenfold everywhere.. if anyones travelled to toronto for any of his appearances of the last year ya could come to the same conclusion that "peeps in Toronto just love jokenfold." just makin a comment......

    great review! sounds like it was a blast, except for the high beer prices
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It' weird, everyone complains about him and yet when he comes to town everyone still goes to see him and the place is always rammed.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If I remember correctly, weren't you jumpin around like a maniac waving a "Tune" sign?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

  9. deacon

    deacon TRIBE Member

    TUNE SIGN!!! joey was mashed [​IMG] i remember that we did mcgyver styles to get backstage..and we got loaded on ian's (oakey's mgr) wine..and had oakey's porn mag!

    i still can't believe we missed dustin..i spoke to dustin about that and he remember waiting to see us then getting sick!

    sounds like you had a blast in detroit evan..did you check out that casino we did wehen we went? hahahahaha!

    ah!! we thank you lord for call girls and their drama on the phone [​IMG]

    even call me becaause i have to talk to you about stuff.

    peace and respect to the crew that survived detroit..

    sonic state
  10. deacon

    deacon TRIBE Member

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    you'd be surprised how many people mispell my name.

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