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Are there any weekly/monthly dance music events left in this city?


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I'm honestly drawing a blank.

One-off events are all well and good, but they require advance planning, and are usually 2-3x the price. Sometimes it's nice to just be able to go to Venue ABC and know that they'll be playing house/techno/whatever.

So yeah...are there any?

DJ Vuvu Zela

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yes there is.

there are plenty of monthly events.

less weeklies, but i know there's thursday night d&b @ Thymless and Sunday Night d&b at Tota. (i have no idea if they are usually bumping or dead - but i passed by thymless about a month ago and it was absolutely dead - could have been an off night though....)
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I'm way, WAY out of the scene now, but there's always stuff going on at Round in Kensington every week. Also, there's the Sunday Social parties, but you need to take out a small bank loan to go to all those parties these days.
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