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Are there any safe hip-hop clubs in Toronto?


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Krave night club they have some specials going on Friday nite some sort of 3 dollar drinks all nite. But i will definitely double check it.


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Alto Basso.
Andy Poolhall.
Lava <-- don't know if this still exists
Fressen used to have a hip hop night.
Queenshead played really good hip hop and funk the last time we went but it's a dive.

Good luck.
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Originally posted by bootyhunta
If it's still open... Shallow Groove on College was always good for a respectfull hip-hop/r&b night.
yes, they had a dj that could actually mix the hiphop.. good times.

Ms. Fit

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Steam (on King or something) on Saturday nights was sooo good when I went in the summer!

It was rammed and no violence...you can tell everyone was there for the music, not to hit on girls/flash/start fights...all the guys were BROCKIN OUT on the dance floor!!!!!