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arcade fire at PNE/Vancouver


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sara and i are in Vancouver and went to see a sold out show at the PNE. we figure there were between 2500 and 3000 people there which is crazy considering where this band was just one year ago.

belle orchestre started off and i really liked it. some varied instrumentation that swings wildly between moody and bizarre uptempo time signatures. it was quite abstract and felt very spontaneous at times. i would like to see them play in a smaller setting. and someone should consider hiring them to do a score. wolf parade played next and started off sounding pretty rough due to not having a soundcheck. but they kept the energy up and pulled it together by the end. i still can't say i love this band but they are undeniably catchy. when arcade fire got up there was an immediate difference in both the energy and sound coming off the stage. it amazes me how clearly you can hear all those instruments playing at the same time. at one point win butler decided to bash an acoustic guitar on stage half way through a cover. it was unexpected and felt really out of place and i think he kind of looked like an ass. but then they broke right into neighbourhoods #4 and all was forgiven. but it made me realize that if they wanted to, this band could get away with so much. the crowd was going nuts, crowd surfing, the whole works. it was a great show and they held it down in an arena-style venue almost as well as when i saw them earlier this year at the music hall.