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Arcade Fire @ ACC


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Arcade Fire plays the ACC on March 13th

Tickets go on sale today for Reflektor pre-order customers
tickets on sale tomorrow for Amex users
regular on sale is Thursday at 10am on Ticketbastard.

Who's going?

Just grabbed a pair in the 300's, row 10 from my Reflektor pre-sale. Hopefully will be able to grab floor tickets tomorrow too.
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A dress code for a stadium show that is overpriced is totally whack. I'm done being an apologist for these guys.


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1. I highly doubt the dress code is going to be enforced, not when there are 18,000 people attending. It's a suggestion, rather than mandatory. They only ever wrote it was mandatory for the one tiny Montreal club show they did a few months back because it was taped for a TV special.

2. Tickets aren't really overpriced. It's $30/$50/$70 tickets for an ACC show, that's pretty average tbh.


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I'm in, gonna buy tickets this morning with the AMEX. No problem with the dress code either, should make for a fun crowd
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Hi there !

im goin summer show rather than spring .

tix for sale !

a pair in sec 319 row 7 seats 1-2 - 80 bucks for the pair

a pair in sec 311 row 6 seats 7-8 - 80 bucks for the pair

Can drop off to toronto resident when i am next up - hopefully this month for Feb 18-19 for skinny puppy and auto show .

BUY ALL 4 FOR 150.00 !!