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arc lab


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From Music Made By People's website:

An amalgam of disparate stylistic influences, Arc Lab was initially conceived as a means by which to indulge Medard Fischer’s musings on the interplay between structurally-defined space and musical expression. Quickly outgrowing its original mandate, the project has become much more eclectic over the last two years. With a constant emphasis on both melody and sound manipulation, Arc Lab is equal parts complexity and simple emotionality. Meandering melodies are juxtaposed with fractured percussion and grainy, hissing synthesizers are layered over pure sine tones.

Arc Lab played for Vague Terrain in January and caught the attention of quite a few in attendance. Medard has been kind enough to provide us with his recording of his set.. it may be of interest to fans of boards of Canada and the SKAM sound.

Arc Lab @ Vague Terrain 01/06

We also have a bunch of other audio in our archives that may be of interest to cats that hang out in the downtempo room.

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