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aquarium help AKA "hey Stir-fry"


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they say that you can't overfeed a fish, but you can overfeed a tank.

my fish are eating like it's going out of style. ALL the time, whenever i give them food.

for a while i figured that i was'nt giving them enough, cause they would attack the glass like J-LO on coke at even the site of me pulling out the food. Then they go nutty eating it as fast as they can


now Im feeding them all the time, going through so much food. I know the thumb rules about feeding, and I never give them more then they can eat in 3 min or so. hell, most of the time it's gone in 30 sec or less.

now they're getting obese. My large angel has grown a big pot belly, and a few of the gouramis are Noticeably overweight aswell.

are they eating to much? i thought that fish will only eat what they need and leave the rest?!

whats the deal?!:confused:
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Fish will eat and eat until you stop feeding them. (IE they will always act hungry).
Once or twice a day is fine, they can actually even go days without food.


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i've been told about the dangers of overfeeding, because they will only eat what they can, and the rest falls to the tank floor to decompose and pollute the tank.

these fish are SO fat now that i look again. my zebra danio has a belly so big he swims funny


time for a diet, boys

feisty boy

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not only will the old food pollute the tank, all the extra crap the fish are creating will pollute it too.

it's better to underfeed fish than to overfeed them. they can easily go a day or two without food.

and if they act hungry it's a good sign. usually means they're healthy.
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I agree with fiesty boy's response.. they'll poop more if they're fed more, thus creating more nitrate and making it necessary to feed more often.

and I also remember that when my brother had angel fish, they would eat all day if you allowed them to, but he only fed them once a day.


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yeah come to think of it, the angels are the main problem.

When i even walk over to the tank to enjoy them in all their beauty, they just shoot to the top corner where i feed them, looking for a handout. This happens when i JUST fed them 20 minutes ago. fat bastards

should i just cut them down cold-turkey, or is there anything i should be careful of when adjudting their feeding patterns? (ie. stress)?


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no, it's all good, just stop feeding them so much immediately.. they'll hardely notice the difference.
angels are creatures of habit, and they know when they see someone coming to the tank, that the possibility of them getting fed is high.. and since you probably always feed them in the same place, they know they should be there to beg.

my barbs used to beg the same way, and i only fed them every other day, with no ill effects
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