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april mixmag --- orbital "mix" cd


TRIBE Member
anyone have this?

is it dj mixed by orbital? or just compiled by orbital?

i dont recall them ever doing a dj set in the past...



TRIBE Member
They're also headlining glastonbury!!!
And a new cd is out end of May.
More news here:

Hyper On Experience - Disturbance
Plump DJ's - Remember My Name
Koma & Bones - Fade In (The Programme)
The Divine Comedy - Victoria Falls
Stisch - JFK
Dub Syndicate - Forever More
Ubik - Ram Raid
Eon - Basket Case
Dark Globe - Some Say She's Retro
Midi Rain - Crack Train
Mouse on Mars - Frosch
Mark Stewart and Maffia - Liberty City
The Specials - Nite Klub
Severed Heads - Cyflea , Rated R

And they call one of the brothers Pete!! :eek:
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