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April in Halifax: Lady Linzee, New Deal, Sonny D.

Sonny D

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Summer's coming early this year!

MOVETHEMASSES and Knuckles Productions in association with Evolve Festival and Mary Jane's is proud to announce the release of Sonny D's latest CD, "Emerge", this weekend at Reflections Cabaret. (www.knucklesproductions.com)(www.evolvefestival.com)(www.reflectionscabaret.com)

If you like slinky, sexy house music with deep rolling basslines and a whole lotta women singin' then you'll love this CD. It's a warm up to summer to brighten your days and melt your winter blues away. Perfect for any occasion, just pop it in the car and play it on your way to the beach. Or heat up those Sunday afternoon barbeques with these sunny summer grooves.

The CD features miss Jessica Knight providing the lyrics and vocals on several of the tracks and she will be joining me, Sonny D, at Reflections Cabaret on Friday April 22nd to perform live.

This Friday night will be a warm up for our trip to Finland in July. Jess and I will be rockin' the reindeer in the land where the sun never sets as part of the Evolve tour. And come early to Reflections Cabaret on Friday to check out deep house dj Jeremy Blackmore. Jeremy will be setting the mood right with the sexiest house beats this side of the Rockies.

And don't forget that it's Mardi Gras time at Reflections Cabaret this Friday. So it's gonna get extra sweaty up in there. Show some skin and collect your beads because later the first 100 ladies to show up at SubRosa on Friday night with Mardi Gras beads will get 2 for 1 admission.

See you this Friday night at Reflections Cabaret, 5184 Sackville Street in Halifax!

Check out the track listing:
Disco Darlings - Summer Sun
Groove Junkies feat. Indeya - Music’s Gotcha Jumpin’
Black Legend - Feel For You
Penn and Chus - Esperenza (Dr. Kucho Remix)
Vocals by Jessica Knight – Set Me Free
Bellagio – Bellagio
Vocals by Jessica Knight – Weighted
Grant Nelson – Life
Vocals by Jessica Knight – Wind It Up
Sandy Lamb - Easy No Man
Vocals by Jessica Knight – Rise
Soul Rebels feat. Lisa Millet - I’ll be Good
Juan Magan and Cesar del Rio - Love to Kiss You
Gaudino feat. Ultra Nate - Bittersweet Melody
Disco Darlings - Light Up My Love
Inaya Day - Hold Your Head Up High (Soul Avengerz Vocal)
Haji and Emanuel - Weekend (ATFC Wet Weekend Mix)
Rockefeller - Do It 2nite (Ian Carey Remix)

Vocals and Lyrics on tracks 4, 5, 6 & 7 – Jessica Knight
Vocal Engineering on tracks 4, 5, 6 & 7 - Joshua J. Stanhope
Mastering - Todd Hodder
Production Direction: Karl Roach
(this cd is for promotional use only)
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