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April 18th - The Electrician @ Funky 4/4 Thursdays


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Thursday, April 18th

The Electrician (WOMP, In Yer Ear, Fused, Groovekat)

alongside: Dave Saddler, Madhatter, Ian McIntosh

Funky 4/4 Thursdays
Milano's, 325 King Street West
10PM to 3AM, $5 cover, ladies free before 11PM


Other April Events:

April 11th - House/Techno Residents

w/tommy smalls, Ian McIntosh, Finch, James Maggs

April 25th - Satori vs. Decepticon - Hard Techno Turntabilism on 4 decks

alongside: tommy smalls, James Maggs, J-Mat[/b]


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Timeslots for April 18th

1000-1100 Dave Saddler
1100-1200 Madhatter
1200-0130 The Electrician
0130-close J-Mat
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