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Apple Store FURY


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maybe I will!

I also called apple to see about further compensation and they gave me a $50 apple store gift card


wow.. good score.. after all that I'd just be like yoink! gimme my new phone, that's the end of it...
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do you think I should call up apple and complain about my 11 bucks and see if I can get some sort of compensation for it. Like a gift card or something? or would that be pushing it?

i would be fucking embarrassed to do this. good for you though


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I felt a little silly doing it as well but I mean I spent a good chunk of my day on the phone with apple, I was late for an evening meeting because I was at a telus store trying to get the phone back. I had no way of letting these people know that I was going to be late. I had to return to the same apple store I was shooed away from 24 hours earlier. I wanted to be conpensated.

Regardless, I still am a fan of apple, their products and their customer service(at least the ones on the phone:p)


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A while back they gave you a 3Gs instead of your old 3G and now you want to be compensated for $11 dollars......
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the Fairview Mall Apple store always smells like sweaty B.O.

OH. I've noticed that too! I walked by that store the other day and it was a waft of warm smelly air. It's so hot in there.

I was in the one near Central Park and not only did we have to line up to get in (all the way up the stairs and out to the street), it was a steambath in there.

I hate all you Apple people. Blech.