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Apple Macbook Questions


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A coworker bought a 13" Macbook. Pretty little thing.

Now she's looking to setup a desk at home with an LCD monitor and a mouse and Keyboard.

There doesnt' seem to be a docking solution for the Macbook, or at least I didn't see where you could plug it into one.

There are only two USB ports so I think it would be best if she bought a USB hub and plugged her keyboard and mouse into that. So she only has to plug in the one usb when she sits at the desk, the VGA cable and the power cable.

So here are some questions.

1) Is there a docking port type system for the macbook, aftermarket or otherwise?

2) What is a good aftermarket keyboard and mouse for Apple? The actual Apple keyboard and mouse are expensive and not very ergonomic. We found a microsoft wireless mouse/keyboard combo on the apple site for $130 and she is thinking of getting that but I told her I would ask around.

3) ASL?
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Their should be a connector that comes with it to connect the LCD Monitor.

I have not try my mac when it comes to a keyboard. But you can double check things up by just hooking up any other USB keyboard. Any USB hub will work as well.

oh toro

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macbook has a mini-dvi port so you may need an adapter depending upon the monitor you're connecting to. i know it doesn't come with a mini-dvi to dvi, but not sure about mini-dvi to vga.

apple has a new keyboard coming out with new imacs that will ship soon. there are only a couple third party keyboards that have a dedicated eject key. if you use one that doesnt have one, then you forego your f12 key for that function. if you are looking for a bluetooth kb, your pickings are even slimmer. apple's is your best bet for bt kb if you want all the keys. if you use a kb that isn't marketed for macs, then your command and option keys are mapped differently. if you want an ergonomic kb, check out keyovation's products.

keep in mind the microsoft wireless is only wireless to the receiver, not the computer.
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Thank you for all the replies... That docking station is not bad, but I wont suggest it to her since i think it will be harder to plug in then plugging in 3 seperate items.

Over the weekend she ran into another problem. She bought and installed Microsoft Office X so she can do some work at home. She wrote a few letters/reports over the weekend and mailed them to herself at work.

The files have no extension and she couldn't open them. I tried saving them with a .doc extension but that did not work.

Anyone here use Microsoft Office X? How do you save/export your files so that Office on Windows can view it.

Thank you.


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Office X is really, really old (it was released in 2001). I'm surprised that she would have been able to find a copy for sale. Office 2004 is the most recent edition for the Mac.

In the Save As dialog box, there should be an option for 'append file extension' which will add the .doc extension, and then the Windows version of Office should be able to open the files.

But really, I'm shocked that there was still a copy of Office X floating around for sale somewhere.
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That's what I tried to do but I got a window asking for the character code. ASCII TXT etc.

I've told her to try what stargurl suggested and we'll see tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.


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Actually, I think I'm right - but you might have mistaken what I meant. The WIN key on a PC keyboard is mapped to the Open Apple key. I didn't mean they have the same function.


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The Microsoft Keyboard software for the Mac allows you to map a whole range of keys to whatever function you want them to; on my Natural Wireless Multimedia I've got Alt as Apple, Windows as Option, the Log Off button bringing up Dashboard, Media ejecting the DVD-RW (didn't like how F12 kept ejecting when I didn't want to), and the contextual menu key bringing up the Applications folder... all sorts of customization, whatever you want.

Hey, I've never said Microsoft made bad peripherals
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