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Aphrodite @ System 03-20-2002


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After checking out the dukes at Tonic, we proceeded to system for the mighty Aphrodite. Arrived at midnight to catch the last of Lush and Marcus' b2b set. Didnt feel for some reason, they know better than that. I think Ruckus was there at some point, but I couldnt really see since I was at the back chatting with some people most of the time until the headliner showed up.

Aphrodite came on at 12:30, and for about 1/2 hour he was dropping hard bassy dubplates. For some reason he didnt rewind any of them, even thou we all screamed for it and Caddy was asking for rewinds as well. Oh well... good things come only once :)

After the first 1/2 hour, his set considerably degraded in my opinion. Anthems, overplayed tracks, old skool ragga that should die already.. the usual stuf that we can hear on a daily basis here (or maybe we are just spoiled?). Nothing too exciting, nor was his mixing a gift from the gods. All in all, after the amazing intro, his set became rather average. Diligence replaced him at about 2:15-2:30am.

Enjoy the pix, and cya at marky&craze on april the 3rd!






Diligence & Aphrodite




more crowd


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I didn't intend to come back to T-dot, but on Mar. 9 I had no choice - my dad was in the hospital and was feeling quite bad. He passed away a couple of days later with me by his side. I believed that God decided to take him home, so maybe that was why I didn't feel too bad.

A week after my dad passed on, I decided to check out Aphrodite's show at System, mainly because I missed the T-dot jungle flava and needed a lift in spirits. After all, my dad always told me that everything will be all right as long as I be careful and have a good time (or was that the other way around?)

I was there at the very beginning, so I could say that Everfresh put down a good, if underappreciated, set. Then the Catchin' Wreck crew of L Natural and Lush took to the stage, augmented by everyone's favourite baldie, Marcus. L put out some good rhyming and MC'ing to accompany the b2b action of the 2 DJ's. What was a bit criminal about that set was that not too many people were getting down, possibly in anticipation for Aphrodite. Only in the last 10-15 mintues of the set did everybody go nuts. The best part was that those reloads were saved for the last couple of tunes. Over in BC, they're verboten!

Aphrodite took over with Caddy Cad alongside. While Caddy was busy rhyming to Aphrodite's mixed arsenal of new and classic tracks, he didn't sound intrusive as he went with the flow. Everyone got down even though some of the tracks were a bit unfamiliar. The ragga stuff allowed the MC to take a bit of a break - the world needs more ragga to spice things up and to add some flavour to all these instrumentals. A spicy version of The Original Nuttah sealed everything up.

Diligence and Ruckus took over at the tail end of the evening. By that time, I was already worn out from the dancing, the music, 1 and 1/2 packs of smokes and the 6+ vodka/Red Bulls that I partook. $7.50 for a drink at the System. Hell, they were cheaper at the Comfort Zone back in the day when they had Jungle Nation on Monday nights. At least I had my fun that night, even though there will always be bigger and better parties in the future.

And somewhere up in heaven, my dad is shaking his head, wondering why I still go to these parties.