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Aphex Twin Is Weird....but very cool....

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I'm trying to imagine the process required to achieve this sort of thing. How does one go about the composition? Seems pretty fucking hard to me, but obviously there must be a method to it. I'd like to know, anyone want to share?

I've heard about software that can create sound by analyzing an image. Does this stuff exist and where can I get a copy?

...or is this all some hoax like playing The Beatles Revolution #9 backwards? <- anyone ever try that?


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Quoted from the page itself.

Next, I decided to inform the good folks on the IDM mailinglist about The Face. It turned out that this "picture to audio" -thing was really not hard to do at all and there was a program called Coagula (possibly others too) that could transform any picture into soundwaves with minimum effort.


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there's a program called metasynth (i think) where you can 'paint' sound. i tried a demo of it a while ago. twas neat
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Originally posted by PosTMOd
I took a shit and it looked like baby jebus
like who?


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Thanks Sunny.

A friend of mine found it and that picture gave me nightmares....

So I thought I'd share.


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I love Aphex Twin - my friend burnt a copy for me last year & that's all I listened to at work.

Nice to chill out or have sex to as well.

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