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APEX 2001 august 4th/15 stages/only $20


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The 4th annual Apex Project is on Saturday August 4th.

There will be 15 stages presented by about 20 of BC's Production Comapanies:

  • [*]G-House/Swing Kids[*]Static Stage presented by Fiction Family & Hipnotik Records[*]Team Hardcore/Dizzy[*]Doh Boy[*]Twisted/Twisted Technologies[*]Triple - A[*]Ra House[*]Vinylution[*]Reliable/Lush Plush[*]Loaded - presented by Boomtown & Automatic[*]Twisted Roots Recordings[*]Mekanix[*]CBS[*]Phat Ass[*]Progressive Managment

***Tickets are only $10 in advance and $20 at the door***

***Tickets also available through all Apex stage promoters***

Come for a night filled with all genres of electronic music - at an affordable price!




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The Ticket outlets are ::

Hipnotik Records (New Westminister)
Laramy (Metropolis@metrotown, BBY)
Pharsyde (both VAN locations)
Global Cafe (near Stadium stn. VAN)
Sacred Herb (Victoria)
Planet Nine (Nanaimo)
DV8 Records (Edmonton)
Vinylution (Prince George)
Kawabata-Ya (Van-don't ask me what or where)

TICKETS are $10 advance and $20 @ the door


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